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Windows 8.1 Download Link and Product Key


Update: The key given in this article is for preview version of Window 8.1. It will only work with the ISO images of preview version given below.

Update 2 (Oct 17,13): The final version is out for general public ! Go get windows 8.1. If you have installed the preview version then upgrade instructions are given here. If you are on Windows 8 device just click this link to upgrade. If for some reason you are not getting the upgrade option in live store read this.

Microsoft has just released the Preview edition of Windows 8.1 codenamed Windows “Blue”. For the uninformed this is an updated version of Windows 8 that was released  back in 2012. The version number 8.1 here indicates that it not a new OS but more of an update. This update is free for all Windows 8 users.

This is a preview version and may have some rough edges. So it is not recommended for production use. So don’t install it on your main system. The final version will be release later this year. The changes in this update are subtle. Many existing features are refined. Here are the major changes:

What’s New


  1. New calculator, sound recorder, video editing app.
  2. Internet Explorer 11 and powershell v4.0.
  3. The skydrive app is revamped and is much more usable now.
  4. The search app provides integrated search result from PC, web and apps.
  5. Improved App Store that can update the installed apps automatically.


  1. Live tiles can now be resized to smaller size. New extra large size for desktop tile.
  2. The colour of start screen can be changed to any colour instead of selecting from predefined colours as before.
  3. The biggest improvement in usability is that the the apps can be snapped to half of screen instead of either 25% or 75% earlier.
  4. There is now a visible start button.
  5. Now you can boot directly to desktop.
  6. The hot spots in the upper right and left corner of the screen can now be disabled via settings.

New Technologies

  1. Support for DirectX 11.2 and Resilient File System (ReFS)
  2. Full support for 3D printers.

Windows 8.1 Download Links

Windows 8.1 ISO

English 64-bit (x64)

English 32-bit (x86)

For other languages visit official download site from Microsoft.

Windows 8.1 Product Guide

Microsoft has also release a beautiful product guide that explains the new features. Click the link below to download.

Windows 8.1 product guide

Product Key


How to install windows 8.1 ?

You can install Windows 8.1 following this very simple article. Although it is written for Windows 8  it works equally well for Windows 8.1. You don’t need to burn a DVD. Just a 4GB or larger USB drive.

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New Update!

Time to move on? Windows 10 is out. Download it now: CHECK OUT

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