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Win Any Facebook Poke War !

Facdbook poke
Want to Facebook poke war  from someone ?  then that’s not going to be a problem anymore. I have been using this method for long to win all POKE wars on Facebook and many friends have literally cried out to know that how is it possible for that they are unable to win even once. Every time they end up loosing Poke war from me.

Isn’t it delightful to win a simple poke fight on Facebook by a simple trick.  All you need is to install this simple extension or script(depends on browser) that will auto poke every-time a user pokes you.


Some might have the doubt about What Facebook Poke war is ?

Ans: When you are poking a person for a long time, and it has started to get serious with neither of you ready to step down, then it is called Poke war. It becomes the thing of your pride on-line/off-line.


Is it safe? Will the app/script access my data?

Ans: Yes and No, not really. The chrome extension works on pokes page only, so there is no question of accessing your data other than your POKE page. It is even more safer with user scripts .



How to install and make it work ?

For Chrome users, there is an extension which you can get from  HERE and you will see something similar to what I have shown in below screen-shot.
Simply open the POKE page in another window and let it do its work automatically while you carry on your work. It will poke-back to every person who pokes you !

Note: It only works when the POKE’s tab is active, so I am advising to leave it in other window.

Facebook Poke Win


Links Updated

For other browsers…

Mozilla 19.0 and above. –  Install Grease-monkey  addon then go install auto-poke script from here by pressing green  INSTALL button given at the top the page from HERE

Opera 12.4 and above – Install Violent Monkey addon . Then go here HERE. It will installed on your browser automatically .

For Chrome users, who would like to install script instead of trusting on any extension. First of all install Tamper-Monkey extension. Now click on THIS to get it script installed on your Chrome web-browser.


What’s the advantage of script over Chrome extension ?  

  • You don’t have to open the poke’s page to make it work. Simply log-in into your Facebook accont and it will poke-back to all the users who poked you.
  • It works in mobile version too ( .

What if these methods stop working?

Don’t worry, we will update it  with better scripts. Although Facebook is trying hard for many years to make Facebook poking script proof, but have always failed.

Share your experience of winning poke war on Facebook with us, we would be glad to hear from you 🙂

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