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Is the Galaxy S3 better than the Iphone ?

“SmartPhones are making people dumber”

That might be true,but how Smartphone makers like Apple is making you dumber by selling you overpriced phones is something new.

Is the Galaxy s3 better than the Iphone ?

In this article I’m going to prove that Samsung Galaxy S3 is better than Apple’s latest Iphone 5. I know many won’t agree,and an army of Apple fans will start hating me for this article,but the truth is truth baby 😉 .

It’s not about the cost difference alone,its actually about justification of customer’s money. For example,if you buy packet full of chips from a local seller,it would cost a lot less,but if you buy the same amount of Lay’s chips,it will cost more than 10 times the price it should be.

Well,this is what i am trying to explain,that paying big bucks is not the solution and your hard earned money goes in vain .

Apple is selling its products at 45-50% higher than its worth. I can say that by the price at which Samsung S3 is being shipped. Be it quality,features,hardware .Apple fans need to open their eyes before they end up buying a HOCKEY stick by the time of Iphone 10,LOL!
Jokes apart, let’s look at the points that how Samsung Galaxy is better than Iphone 5 .


Expandable storage

Apple phone gets a beating here,as they have not provided a CARD slot for expansion,its available in 16

Card Slot.

/32/64GB variants.I thinks it’s a kind of marketing technique which is not going well with half of the smart phones users,who tend to avoid buying it for the reason.
Even if we take it other way around. It’s like Parent’s way to limit their children’s phone activity by limiting the storage capacity. Ah , come on ,we ain’t that mommy kids, who need a guiding parent like Apple corporation .
Whereas in Samsung Galaxy s3 ,you get an expandable card slot(upto 32GB) which gives the user  a sort of freedom over his storage capacity .It’s a big PLUS point for Samsung’s phone as they tend to focus on customer’s freedom rather than maximising their profits by selling NON-EXPANDABLE slot PHONES in order to sell more STORAGE capacity,which hereby increases the price.



Although Retina display in the iPhone 5 is now increased to 4 inches with 1136X640 pixel resolution. For the first time in history of Apple, widescreen is there to enhance movie experience. Although the IPS screen produces richer colors than previous version,still SUPER AMOLED screen on a Samsung device beats iPhone by a decent margin.

On the other hand the Galaxy S3 delivers a excellent 4.8-inch display with a 720p pixel resolution that may be less than the other smartphones in the market, but really undetectable by the human eye. The Galaxy S3 has a Super AMOLED display in which the screen looks at you more than you look at the screen. It is simply beautiful.

Removable / Replaceable  battery

Unlike the cheap Indian CDMA phone makers and Iphone , Samsung has replaceble battery which can be replaced on the go from any mobile store, making it a flexible device to use rather than needing to visiting the official outlet to replace the embedded battery in case of Iphone and CDMA phones.

USB Port

b1Not like the iPhone 5, the biggie tech firm  Samsung uses a universal USB port for charging, which is used by vast majority of .

smartphone and gadget makers.. That means you can charge your Galaxy S3 using a variety of USB clips and not just exclusively with the S3 charger.


FM Radio
If you thinking of listening to some country ,classical, rock music from the Local Radio station then you might be disappointed from Iphone 5 as it doesn’t have any FM antenna chip for it,Instead it provides web radio,which might be a con for places without internet coverage.

On the other hand , S3 have both web based radio as well as antenna chip based .


Ability to add custom applications
As Traditionally, the new Iphone’s apps are limited to IOS itself making them paranoid . Whereas S3 based on Android has millions of apps .


Removable battery

The  S3 battery can be removed/replaced, something that can not be done on the iPhone 5.This means you have to visit it’s official store to get the battery replaced. Which according to me, is a hectic job.


 This  USB host adapter allows  you to connect any type of USB based keyboards, mouse and other accessories to the Galaxy S3.
But in Iphone5,it’s limited to Apple products only,which we can term as “monopoly”.


Turn off the music by placing the phone facing down:
If you are listening to some music and suddenly want to turn it off,then just put the Galaxy S3 face down, without having to press any buttons.
In my opinion Samsung should patent this feature,as Apple may try to name to patent this feature with some other “I” embedded name .


Call Blacklisting

The Galaxy S3 can blacklist contacts you do not feel like talking to prevent them bothering you further.
Ihis feature is not yet in an Iphone.  Although an app can do this, but why not included this tiny but very useful feature?


Wide number of  shops Applications
iPhone 5 which is limited to the App Store . With  Galaxy S3 you can download applications from variety of shops like Google Play Store, App Brain, the Amazon App Store, , F-Droid, etc, which provides many more options when it comes to downloading games and apps.


Returning of Money

For instance,if you regret the app you purchased from Google Play,then you can get your money refunded .Althought you have only 15 mintues.
This flexibility at customer service end is not available for Apple App Store customers.

By reading the above points, I am sure many Apple fans may feel offended and humiliated  but I feel lite after expressing the truth . Some ex-Apple(after reading this article) fans maybe thanking me for opening their eyes. Well don’t thank me, instead thank Android for coming out in the market .

Recently Apple,Microsoft, and Blackberry showed concerned over Android’s gaining market and hinted on filing a lawsuit over the issue jointly. Now in the the next post of this section I’m going to prove how Android is better than Windows phone OS . Till then stay tuned and keep visiting our site.

Althought i knew more than 50 points,but i wrote only the one which appealed the most to me.

Do not forget to share how you feel about my Samsung or Apple products,your comments are precious 🙂 .

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  • keep it up bro

    • Thanks for commenting 🙂
      Keep visiting our Blog for latest tech updates.

  • Misterminder

    Writer of this article is a heavy samsung fanboy. Didnt we tell u guys to shut up and just enjoy what you have? Who cares about retarded USB anyway, not me… I still have my apple cable from 2007 still working and using it everyday, I cant say that about all the USB cables I have.. Android is not build for a specific phone but for thousands of different phones which is why its very unstable compared to iOS, same for the apps, on Android they are made for every phone so highly unstable. I prefer getting what I paid for, I dont pay for a premium phone with a shitty OS. Apple makes good products that last for years, Samsung doesnt. Thats why you pay extra, for all that premium stability which android doesnt have. I dont see how people can hate a popular OS which is fully stable, probably because you are all cheap basterds that like 200 euro phone hahaha

    • Amaan

      Hi Misterminder !

      First of I would like to thank you for stopping by to comment on my blog.
      Secondly, I would like to welcome you to debate over the superiority .

      And I don’t know why you holding up the issue of USB alone, there are more 9-10points are given, why don’t you defend over them

      Cheers ! Keep Visiting.

      • Bhasky

        amaan, I don’t know about mister minder & his bad language usage at end of his reply but really I m using iphone from the release of their iphone 3gs series now am using iphone 5s , I don’t hate android or Samsung or any other brand phones but I have in mid changed to android phone as a temporary phone when my apple phone was at apple care for a replacement process & really it crashed on me way lots of time even the phone hanged a lot.. from that moment I just kinda am far away from android products, its ok for me to pay high value for a uncrashing stable phone 🙂
        as a side note most of the issues u said above have been rectified after their ios 7.0
        memory : 16gb/32gb is more then enough for even a music lover as I am having around more then 1000 songs in ma phone
        screen : 4 inch is best to use in one hand
        battery : it is a minus point but I have some friends who are using their apple phone from 4 years & still with no issues of battery
        usb : apple phones can also be charged by usb 2.0/3.0
        fm radio : that’s a minus for apple but I can live without it
        usb host : I am using a Bluetooth keyboard & its connected with my phone where as it is made from Logitech & even using my bose Bluetooth speakers with the same 🙂
        turn off music feature : has still not been added
        call blacklist : has been added from ios 7.0
        shop apps : I have found many apps even before it was launched for android & even I don’t have to use an antivirus as I don’t have the fear of apps being a virus or ad because apple store is looking after it
        refund of money : you are wrong here, apple is providing a complete refund if you have made a wrong purchase by mistake, check their support section for ” report a problem ” section 🙂
        & lastly just enjoy what you are comfortable with, as any phone is only a smartphone until the user knows what he is doing with the phone as even a normal call & message user will have no trouble using both the os 😉

  • MacDinel

    U r correct, whatever u r! This can be really a beat 4 iphone lovers! 🙁