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The Best Web Browsers of 2014 : Clash of the Web Browsers

Bored or tired of your current web browser? then have a look at the best web browsers that you might be missing.

A perfect web browser can really enhance your Internet experience and make your time more productive as compared to the old ones which did not have HTML 5 or proper CSS support.

Best Web Browsers of 2014
Before you start reading the list, I want to tell you that their nothing like best web browser. Ofcourse there are few bad ones which people don’t really prefer but it all comes down to your taste, usage and preferences.

I won’t list based on numbers as some might take it as rankings of best web browsers instead. Lets start alphabetically.

The Best Web Browsers: Avant

Avant Browser review
Avant Browser with Split Vertical view enabled

Another not so celebrated but a good web browser which is based on Gecko layout engine(used  and created by Mozilla Firefox) . The tri-engine web browser is pretty fast in operations, although not the fastest as claimed by the development team.

What’s good?

  • Browser data sync – Just like Google Chrome, you can save all your web browse data in Avant servers and access them from around the world.
  • Split View : This is something that I have seen for the first time in any web browser based on Windows operating system. Have to watch on two or more tabs simultaneously? that’s not a problem here. All you have to do is select tile horizontal, tile vertical or cascade option.
  • Inbuilt skins: Choose from the wide options of browser skins.
  • On-screen history button: Get back to page you visited a while ago from the screen itself.

What’s not that good?

  • Less add-ons/extensions: Have to accept that although there are many user created addons on forums, but not enough to match up with Chrome or Firefox.


The Best Web browsers: Chrome

Google’s own child, Chrome which debuted on September 2, 2008 as beta version of Windows platform stormed into the web

Best Web browsers 2014 Google Chrome

browser world based on webkit layout engine( Webkit for blink engine – 27th Version on-wards) and gained a market share of over 42% in less than 5 years.

What’s good?

  • Universal Account sync: With one Gmail account, you can sync all your bookmarks, history and stored passwords. Access them from around the world by just logging in to your Google account.
  • Search browser settings: One of its kind, you can search the settings in your browser settings. For instance if youChrome Browser Settings Search
    want to see your stored passwords(which is under privacy option) but could not find the option, simply search in the box and get it just like you do with their engine Google.
  • One click Reverse image search: Just right click and select “Search Google for this Image”, then it will search for matching or similar images. It surely saves time while doing a lot of reverse image search.
    Chrome Reverse image search
    Although, other browsers have addons/extensions for the same but performance of inbuilt functionality cannot be matched.
  • Inbuilt Flash-player: Nowadays, videos require flash player to run. And most of the browsers don’t come with flash player except Google Chrome.
  • Kill unresponsive Tabs: If you tab is getting unresponsive or freezing? then simply kill it.
    Google Chrome kill tab


What’s not that good?

  • Excessive ram usage: It’s not a bug or developing error in coding, but in fact that’s where Google Chrome took over the market in late 2011 when Mozilla Firefox was suffering from usability disasters like unresponsiveness and unusual browser hang issues.

Why Chrome uses more ram?

Chrome uses more ram because it makes separate process for every tab acting as separate window thus providing better stability and in case one tab hangs due to website scripts or flash player crash, then you can kill it and carry on work in other tabs.

The Best Web browsers: Firefox

The web browser which came in software suit named MozillaSuite which they later turned into Firefox (and Mozilla Thundebird)

Mozilla Firefox browsershook the foundation of Internet Explorer as it provided the stability and user friendly experience with multiple tab experience that IE was far from their visibility.

What’s good?

  • Download folder button: Download status and view button is right beside the home button which saves users time as it is annoying as you gave to go to settings(some people prefer using short cut keys though) and the navigate to download folder.
  • Addon inbuilt search in web browser: Search and install addons from the addons page unlike the previously mentioned web browser in which it redirects to extension store.
  • On-screen bookmark button: No need to navigate to settings button for viewing your bookmarks, simply click on the bookmark button to browse yours.
  • Good for Low End Computers too: Low on RAM? not a problem with the Mozilla Firefox as its an all rounder and can run on computer of almost any configuration.

What’s not that good?

  • No Pre-installed Flash player: Unlike Chrome, we have to install Flash player if we want to play videos.
  • Web Browser history sync is difficult to figure out: Yes, as I decided to shift to my new laptop, I synced using their service and did all the instructions which would normally be required and at the end of the sync process, it gave me a key which was no where mentioned that it will be important in getting my web browser data back. All hopeless, I shifted to different browser because of this.

The Best browsers: Opera

Most of our mobile audience might be using it as Opera Mini which is quite popular. Started in 1994 as a multi- purpose browser with facilities like IRC connection, bit torrent, email client, web feeds reader and etc.

Opera Browser Front look with Stash

Based on the same browser engine “Blink layout” which is used by Chrome too. If you are not looking for Google Chrome web surfing data sync then this is the best choice for you.

What’s good?

  • Can use Google Chrome extensions in Opera too : As both are based on same webkit, it makes it possible to use extensions of Google Chrome on Opera and vice versa.
  • Supports Bookmarks and data synchronizations : Works until version 15 only but will support latest versions soon.
  • Option for slow speed Internets: By selecting “Off Road” option, you can save a lot of data. Opera servers will compress the website and then will send it to your browser thus saving your bandwidth.
  •  Stash feature: If you going through a long interesting post or running out of time, then simply stash it and then read it later. Remove it when done.
  • Search any word, phrase in Wikipedia and major search engines: Similar to what other web browser provides, in Opera you can search for any phrase, word in Wikipedia, Google, Yahoo, Bing and even Amazon.

What’s not that good?

  • Design error in tab: When you try to click on the edge of tabs at the top, the tab won’t get selected which is bit irritating
    Opera Tab design bug
    I have reported it the Opera team. Hope they fix it soon.

The Best Web browser: SeaMonkey

Mozilla’s very own, SeaMonkey is a mixture of Opera features  and Midori’s . It’s an all rounder with almost everything yet working on any kind of computer.

SeaMonkey of Mozilla

Based on Mozilla’s Gecko layout engine, it comes out as the lowest resource using web browser.

What’s good?

  • Firefox add-on support : As its based on same browser engine and developed by Mozilla itself, it supports all Firefox add-ons or we can call it SeaMonkey add ons.
  • Low resource usage: Use as many tabs as you want, won’t be a problem. It feels like light feathers.

What’s not that good?

  • No Tab closing button: Which can be fixed by adding “SeaTab X2” add-on but still an inbuilt feature could have been icing on cake.

That’s all folks!

These are few of the best browsers of 2014 which I personally used all the browsers for a month each to bring out the pros and cons of them. If still I missed something? then feel free to share it with me.

And also which one you using right now? care to share?


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