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Update Facebook status via any device !

facebook status from any device

I don’t own a Macbook Pro, but still I updated status via that device as you can see in the above pic. Keep on reading 😉

Don’t have any smart device ? still want to update your Facebook status showing “via” that device? Then you are at the right place as you can update status via difference devices ranging from an Android phone to an iPhone. From now on, no need to feel upset when your friend updates status from his expensive gadgets. All you have to do is click on the below links and update your status in the normal way.

P.S. – Don’t miss the section of “Miscellaneous and Funny ways”, I bet you will thank me 🙂

Is this method safe?

Ans: Absolutely, this is the direct link to update them with the API to these devices so there no question of safety !

Here we go, list of different devices , places and etc, I bet you will laugh on seeing some as they just don’t make sense, LOL !


#NEW Devices have been added and broken ones have been fixed !

Devices in Demand 

Update Status via Anonymous : HERE (new)

Update Status via Android :  HERE

Update your Facebook status via the BULLET PROOF phone ! , yes you guessed it right ,Update status via NOKIA 1100HERE

Update status via Nokia : HERE

[NEW]  Update status via Nasa Satelite : HERE

[NEW] Update status via  A potato : HERE


Update status via Google Nexux 7 : HERE

Update status via Play Station 3 #PS3  : HERE

Update you status via Windows PhoneHERE

Update status via Xbox Live : HERE

Update status via Twitter : HERE

Update status via Harry Potter: HERE  (new)

Update status via Samsung Galaxy s4 : HERE

Update status via Fifa 2012 : HERE

Update status via Foursquare : HERE

This will blow everyone’s mind for sure !   Update status via ToothbrushHERE

Linux – Update status via Ubuntu 64bits : HERE


Other Miscellaneous and funny

Update status via Calculator : HERE (new)

Update status via My Bedroom: HERE

Update status via Microwave Oven : HERE

Update status via Refrigerator : HERE

Update status via Toaster HERE (Updated)

Update status via COKE in CAN : HERE

Update status via MY TOILET SEAT:  HERE

Update status via Avril Lavinge : HERE

Update status via Indonesia : HERE

Update via Library : HERE

Dreaming something? then Update status via dream : HERE

Flying somewhere, then update status via AirAsia: HERE

Want to look Cool Tech Geek ?, then update status via : HERE

Update status via Airmail : HERE

Wishing someone special on Valentine’s day ? then Update Update status via Heart :  HERE
or  via Be MyValentine : HERE

Windows Phone [NOKIA Lumia]

Update status via Nokia LUMIA 928 : HERE

Update status via Nokia Lumai 920 : HERE


Samsung Devices !

Update status via Samsung Galaxy S2 : HERE (new)

Update status via Samsung Glaaxy S3 : HERE (new)

Update status via Samsung Galaxy Tab7.0+ : HERE

Update status via Samsung Galaxy Grand : HERE


Apple devices

Update status via Ipad 2 : HERE

Update status via Apple Ipad 3 : HERE

Update status via Iphone 3GS : HERE

Update status via Iphone 4s : HERE (Updated)

Update status via Iphone 5 : HERE (Updated)

Update status via Apple Macbook Air : HERE

Update status via Macbook Pro : HERE

Update status via iOS 6 : HERE

Update status via iOS : HERE


Blackberry Devices 

Update status via Blackberry : HERE

Update status via Blackberry Pearl : HERE

Update status via Blackberry Bold 9000 : HERE

Update status via Blackberry Curve 9300 : HERE

Update status via Blackberry Curve 8520 : HERE

Update status via Blackberryz10 : HERE


Update status via Sony Xperia Z HERE

 Update status via Xperia Arc S : HERE

 Update status via Xperia X8 : HERE

 Update status via Xperia Ray : HERE

From now on you won’t have to feel embarrassed or awkward when you see other’s Facebook status via different devices because you can update status from more than 50 devices now !

If you find any of the link broken/not working, then please notify us via comments ! Keep Visiting  TA !

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I'm a blogger who is in love with Computer hardware and software. Little shy but want to fly high in the sky. You can connect with me on Google Plus and Twitter @amaanthinks

  • Avi Jit (@skyhitblog)

    Just awesome. 🙂 Thanks for sharing the trick. Gonna try all. 😀

    • Amaan

      I agree and thanks for sharing the trick Avi 😀
      Cheers !

      • Avi Jit (@skyhitblog)

        You mean on Facebook? Oh! my pleasure. 🙂

  • Cool one. 🙂

    • Amaan

      Hey Rahul ! , I agree, its really awesome. Keep Visiting TA ! 🙂

  • AkhilPulotil

    awesome trick ! 😀

    • Amaan

      Hi Akhil ! , Glad that you liked the trick ::)
      Keep visiting TA !

  • JT

    probably the best trick ive ever seen on fb. updated via nokia 1100, and people were like o.O

    • Amaan

      Hi JT, Thanks for appreciating the trick, Keep visiting TA !

  • A status update based on your social status 😉 Fun post Amaan!

    Unbelievable how many creative, intelligent folks you run into on the web. Using tips and tricks to create an illusion can certainly boost your rep, expand your brand and yep, it is fun too… long as your trickery hurts no one 😉

    Thanks for sharing Amaan!


    • Amaan

      Welcome Back Ryan !
      Thanks for the appreciation and Yah it hurts fun, and can boost someone’s brand, reputation etc

      Since I shared this article on Facebook, my news-feed is filled with status update from Expensive devices, LOL !

      Keep Visting TA 🙂

  • Rohit Jalan

    you are awesome Ammaan …

    • Amaan

      Nothing like that Rohit, it’s just the trick that I know 🙂 , Anyways, thanks for commenting . Keep visiting TA !

      • Rohit Jalan

        wanna ask how is it done ? so that i can make many more … like updated via. the mathsbook ( RIP )

        • Amaan

          I will add many as sooon as possible, so keep checking !

  • Aniketh Shivashakthi

    ek number bhai

    • Amaan

      Thanks Aniketh, keep visiting 🙂 !

  • Wow, I never actually knew this! Great share! I’m surely gonna use em’. Looking forward for more posts like this, keep it up Amaan!

    • Amaan

      Ok ! , Right now over-loaded with lots of work, so working day-night to meet our reader’s expectations. Will make it Asap !

      • Sure buddy! Thanks a lot for replying and accepting my request.

  • vvpvijay

    haha love this trick, you could have added one from via Kedarnath many journos would have hitched on it

    • Amaan

      Glad that you liked it sir ! , and yes you got a good point that if I added via Kedarnath then it would have been easy ride for journalist !

      Now only seeing people updating status saying ” Got my new phone” via Iphone5 etc , LOL 🙂

      Keep Visiting , Come back soon !

      • vvpvijay

        Thanks bro yep the trick worked nicely, I got a like for the posted from iphone on FB.
        Now the problem is that how do I go about explaining that I dont have a iPhone LOL

        • Amaan

          Now post from NOKIA 1100, LOL

          • vvpvijay

            Will do that after couple of days. Need enough time to make some friends jealous LOL

  • Nimish

    Best for showoff :p :p

  • Arpit

    Awesome…:)never seen such tricks before…:)

  • levendermist

    nice trick to update facebook status !
    Thanks !

  • Azeem

    Hey amaan ca u describe me at about and how to implement it

  • jane02

    hahaha this is so funny! i love it! my phone is iphone 4s then im using 1100. my friends wonder how dd i do that . hahahahaa

  • Jayesh ( IGN:-Spartan)

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    The bestest best Trick Dude NOw i can update my status via iphone which i dont own to be mine ..
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  • Ayan

    Its Awesum ! But Can You Jst Add The Photo Upload Feature , It’d Be AweSumESt !

  • Suleman Shah

    via PS3 is not working

  • Tonya

    Macbook pro is broken! Thx

  • Brae

    These are out dated….old….none of them work. I expect this comment to be deleted also!

  • Shiva Ur Lovng Frnd

    MST h ….thanx a lot of admin..!!!I i really love this….!!! is this also available in app?? Can I directly upload photo by this??

  • alan matsiko

    Ive tried this several time but it doesn’t work nothing changes. Plz someone advise me