Release date : 27 September,2013  for all platforms EA sports, the spots video-game developing giant has rolled out the preview of much awaited gaming series FIFA's latest FIFA 14, which has promised to take football gaming to next level with features like  ‘Pure Shot’, ‘Real Ball Physics’, and the midfielder-friendly 'Protect The Ball’. Last edition '13, was the biggest hit of the series and sold around 4.4million copies in first week of sale.  Talking about FIFA 13, which was undeniably … [Read more...]

FIFA vs PES [Infograph]

The long going online/offline war between Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) and  EA sport's FIFA can take a break now! . Na, you guessed it wrong, neither of them have won the battle, instead it's time to look at the respective game's history through this cool info-graph. Myself being a fan of both FIFA and PES, publishing an article like this was a tough thing. With the release of FIFA 13 and PES 13, the debate over the supremacy has gone even further. So let's not waste any more time and look at … [Read more...]

How to play FIFA online ? [Solved]

Want to play FIFA online without making an EA account?, but never been able to ?  Then from now onward, you won't face this problem again because I know an old and simple yet unknown way to do it. Don't worry, it is completely legit and thousand of gamer's around the globe are using to play against their friends and strangers for fun/increasing skills. Besides that, it not only work for FIFA, but for all online playable games too !  All you have to do is download GameRanger  and follow the … [Read more...]