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Xperia Z tablet

Sony Xperia Z tablet

Image Credit: Sony Mobile

Sony has always been at the forefront of product evolution in terms of design and technology. The Sony Xperia Z Tablet is a testament to just that. The brand’s first effort – the Sony Tablet S – hardly set the world on fire and since its lackluster launch in 2011 a broader selection of tablets has emerged. The next-gen Sony Xperia Tablet S was also a rather average device, but the new version is turning tables. Only Google is genuinely contesting the Apple iPad 4 with its mighty Samsung-built Nexus 10, but the Sony Xperia Tablet Z is gunning for a fight. So let have a look at the specs and others things to decide whether Sony will give a tough time to already established Apple Ipad 4 or will be flop show.


Design and build

As the name suggests, the all new  Xperia Tablet Z has got the design comparable to Xperia Z phone, Sony’s flagship device. Although it shares its design with the Xperia Z phone, the Tablet Z doesn’t have a glass rear cover. Instead it’s a smooth, slightly rubbery feeling plastic. Nevertheless, it’s one of the best looking and lightweight Android tablet on the market.

The Xperia Z tablet comes with a 10-inch display. The device is insanely thin – just 6.9mm and almost weightless! This tablet weighs 500g only! Making iPad 4 feel cheap and overweight! Its almost 150g less than iPad. That makes a noticeably difference in build quality.


Screen and Display

Rocking a 10.1 inch 1920 x 1200 ‘Reality HD Display’ powered by BRAVIA Engine 2, The visuals are smooth with vivid colors and eye-searing brightness.

The pixel density is 224ppi, which produces crisp and sharp images. Watching movies on this tablet will be an enjoyable experience.


It has a 8MP AF primary camera. Which can record Full HD videos (1080p)@ 30fps. A front camera is also provided for video calling, which is a 2.2MP camera.  Other camera features include Continue Burst Mode, Scene Recognition, Smile Detection, Face Detection, Touch Focus, Self-portrait, Smile Shutter, Image Stabilizer, Object Tracking, Sweep Panorama, Geo-tagging and an Exmor R Sensor.


In terms of connectivity it has a SIM slot (GSM) support with 3G, therefore calling is possible. Tablet also comes with HDMI port, USB Tethering, Wi-Fi hotspot, Micro USB 2.0 and some other common connectivity features.



Running Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean, the Xperia Tablet Z is nearly up to up to date when it comes to operating system. Like Xperia Z, the software is a nice balance of Vanilla Android and Sony’s stylish overlay.


Jellybean OS  is powered by a Snapdragon S4 Pro (Quad core processor) which is a A15 cortex. It is clocked at 1.5GHz. This processor is often found in mid-range tablets. Considering the price of tablet the performance is pretty mediocre. RAM is 2GB,  heavy multitasking is possible. For the graphics, it is powered by an Adreno 320 GPU.


A score of 2119 in GeekBench 2 and a frame-rate of 31fps in GLBenchmarks are impressive but the Sunspider time was a little on the side at 2036ms (iPad 4 – 749ms lower is better).


The battery is 6000mAh (Non removable). Which offers around 9hrs of play time (Video), 110hrs (Audio). So battery shouldn’t be an issue.

Sony Xperia Z tablet Video representation by Sony 



The Good :

  • Excellent Build Quality- Hardware
  • Vivid and high resolution screen ,
  • Amazingly thin and light – It is extremely light unlike other Tabs in the same segment
  • Android is still Android – Sony did no wrong by keeping the Android OS the way it is, limited customization and addition of DualShock 3 support, battery saving modes, and floating widgets have made it worth buying.
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Good processor and specs,
  • Micro SD for more storage
  • Water and dust resistant

The Bad:

  • Overpriced- yes it is  no  doubt over-priced, hopefully Sony will decrease the the price in coming days the prize is already being criticized for making a hell lot of bigger hole in pocket;
  • Google Play store lacks tablet app selection of ‘iPad’,  interface lags a little; Some of the Sony apps are broken or poorly customized for Xperia Z tab in Android playstore;
  • Camera- performance is not upto the expectations and relatively bad outside

Certainly this is the best tablet Sony’s ever made. A good deal for Android Tab hunters who want to turn some heads in crowd. But buying this tab may put a hole in your pocket!


What we expect?

Trimming the price a bit can seriously create a tough competition in this segment of Tablet where  specially Apple Ipad 3 is already roaring with grace  and upcoming Ipad mini

What’s your though about this new baby in the market?, Do you think that this new champ will give a stiff competition to Apple Ipad or Nexus 4?,

Photo Credits : Sony, ClickSoftware

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I'm a gadgets loving person especially mobiles. In free time I like to play some online multiplayer games like AOE and CS!

  • Gururaju Hiddenx

    CooooL! But.. Its Disappointing because the OS is 4.1.2 and not 4.2.2! The Latest Samsung Galaxy S4’s OS is 4.2.2, If people would go for it. They might expect more? Isn’t it?

    • Vicky Rannaware

      Thanks for visiting and commenting.

      Yah. It doesn’t comes 4.2.2, It is confirmed that Sony Xperia Z is gonna get the update. We hope the tablet gets it too.. Check Sony’s forum for update.

      Keep Visiting

  • InfinityLoopers

    A great one from sony, thanks for sharing dude.

    • Vicky Rannaware

      Thanks for commenting, please keep visiting TA!

  • Looks like you’re new to TA. Welcome Vicky!
    First off all, I enjoyed reading this post, very informative and nicely compiled. By the way, will it be good to root it? I mean will it reduce user performance?

    • Vicky Rannaware

      Took a infinity to reply 😛 Thanks!

      ‘Rooting’ your device means obtaining “superuser” rights and permissions to your Android’s software. With these elevated user privileges, you gain the ability to load custom software (ROM’s), install custom themes, increase performance, increase battery life, etc..

      Rooting is meant to increase performance not to decrease..
      Google for more info..

      Thanks for commenting ^_^

      • Thank you for replying.

        *an 😛

        I mean, I know rooting – I’ve already rooted more than 10 Android devices till now. I sometimes fail, but I retry and at some or the other point, I become successful.

        But at that time, the tablet was kinda new so I thought I should rather wait so that I get a better rooting option. There are loads of way to root an Android Device.. but I am asking, will it currently reduce performance? Because, you must’ve seen in XDA, often people face errors and many a times it is written by the developer also that front camera doesn’t work, or etc.. This happens in some of the models unless a developer fixes it.

        Other than front camera problems, there are also problems regarding WiFi, Song, stock applications.

        For Eg: Rooting Samsung Galaxy S Duos actually makes your phone more laggy after rooting. It’s benchmark is also low, that phone really is bad.

        • Vicky Rannaware

          Thanks for correcting 😛 Noob in English 😛

          Depends on the ROM you use..

          Just saying, there’s actually no need to root your devices.. The device will perform at its best on default ROM. Actually it depends on the user 😛

          • Haha true that, but anyway, asking an off-topic question, do you reply exactly after 15 days to my comments? Maybe you need to check out your e-mails of Disqus more often 😉

  • Karan Tandon

    When it comes to looks there is no brand that can compete with Sony gadgets looks, their cell phones have elegant design and now this tab also looks great.

    • Vicky Rannaware

      Thats their X factor which makes them unique.. 🙂

  • Brandon

    Great review!

    Just picked this tablet up the other day. I am absolutely loving it so far! It’s hard to explain just how light and comfortable it is to hold.

  • Fredrik

    When was this article published? I cant see it anywhere in a mobile browser. Highly relevant for me. Thanks.