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How to Send friend request when blocked ?

Facebook Friend Request Blocked

“Facebook blocked me from sending request” is the common dialogue for many Facebook users these days.

Are you a Facebook user whose capability  to send friend request have been banned by Facebook for reasons like sending request to unknown people, the person you sending request to is marking “not knowing outside Facebook” and other spams. The blockage varies from 1 days to 30 days and blockage depends upon the number/frequency of  mistakes you doing again and again. It’s really a bad thing for sellers, businessman who sell their service/product via Facebook face great difficulty in communicating with their customers. On the other hand, normal people face difficulty in sending friend request to their friends who they know offline, LOL.

Now, you must have skipped first paragraph as you don’t like reading long paragraphs, instead you want the trick, then you’re very impatient just like me. Never mind, lets see the simple method to send friend request when blocked on Facebook !

How to send Facebook friend request when blocked?

Follow these steps !

1. Get the email of the person you want to send friend request to, by seeing his profile or any other method.

2.  Go to “Find friends through email” or simply click this link Add Facebook friends from Email

3. Now enter the email of the person to whom you want to friend request.

What If I want to add many friends at once ? [Method Removed]

Not a problem , just make a text document and add emails separated by commas “,”  like this  (, and save it as nameyouwant.vcf.  Note:  Format should be “vfc” of that text file. [Picture of it given below].

facebook friends email

Now Click on  Upload Contact file and you are done ! You have sent request to you friend even though you are blocked! . Amazing isn’t it ? ,  a simple trick yet not known by majority of friend users.

Now, what to do ?

Well sometimes it’s a bit embarrassing when you don’t want to reply to someone, but unfortunately due to new chat “seen” feature the person on the other end gets the confirmation that you have seen his message. But Don’t worry, from now on, you have to face this problem because we have the solution

Check Out : How to disable Facebook seen feature ?

Have any similar experience of Facebook friend request blockage ? Then share your story below 😉  

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