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Fastest Way to Search Files on Windows

Search Files on Windows

Today I am going to tell you way to search files on windows the easy way.
Do you have lot of files and folders on your computer? And every-time you want to find one, you have a tough time finding them as they are somewhere in lost land of your hard-disk ?, This will be the thing of past after you finish reading this article as I am going to show an awesome software.

You guessed it wrong, I won’t be telling you any tricks to enhance results for that slow and irritating default SEARCH of Windows.

Here I present you “Everything”, which can search and find anything present on your computer  hidden in any part of your hard-disk. You can refer it as Google for your computer. Just simply type in the box and find anything on your computer hard-disk                               Here is the download : LINK

Search files on Windows operating system based computer with the help of this software, search any extension like “.iso” “.pdf” etc directly.


~How is it so fast ?

It indexes your files every-time you run it, making it a search-engine of your computer.


~It takes times in indexing, like 5-6 seconds, what to do ?

Just  exclude Windows installation folder from index. Just Right click on “Everything” icon in task-bar > Options , Search Files on Windows

then under Indexes find Exclude > Add Folder of your Windows installation. Searching Files on Windows And now indexing will be lightning fast !


~ Search Everything is not working on my Computer, Why?

Are you partitions in NTFS format? if NO, then unfortunately you can’t use EVERYTHING as it’s made for NTFS file system as its better and faster , error free as compared to old FAT32 system.


Tired of clicking on EVERYTHING icon situated in task-bar?,  then use short-cut keys to open it !


~How to Set SHORT-CUT keys?

Click on options, then this screen will appear, click on “keyboard” . I have set it to “Alt+Space” , but you can set it according to your choice. Simply Press button to set up, just like setting controls in your videogames.


searching files on windows

From now on you won’t face problems in searching files in Windows

How much did this awesome free software eased your computing ? Share your story/views below in comments. We would love to hear from you 🙂

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