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Best Ways to Schedule Facebook Status Updates in Advance

Schedule Facebook status updates free !

Ever felt that lazy that you can’t be active on social media or Facebook alone but need to post status updates ?.  Then why schedule  Facebook status updates in advance and enjoy a  cup of coffee meanwhile your Facebook Status publishes automatically.

Lets get started with the list of services that allow to schedule Facebook status updates in advance for free. I have sorted them according to ease of use, so that you won’t have problem in choosing the one which suits you and your needs.

1. LaterBro

schedule faceook status updates in advance

Looking for the easiest way to schedule Facebook status updates for free ? then this the one to go with. Just schedule Facebook status update after few basic settings and you are done!

  • Allow it to post on your behalf ( compulsory).

How to do it.

  • Click on sign in with Facebook
  • Allow app all permissions as it is required to post on your behalf.
  • Now it will ask about Time-zone. Set the correct timezone or it will not post according to your need.
  • You are done!, just schedule Facebook status updates for free and enjoy.


2. PostCron

This scheduler is a paid one with an option of FREE PLAN which allows upto 5 accounts and 10 schedule post.

  • Allow it to post on your behalf ( compulsory).

Post Cron schedule facebook status for free


How to do it.

  • Log-in with Facebook.
  • Allow permission of posting on your behalf as it will be used to post later as per your scheduling.
  • Now Write a status and schedule from the button given at the right bottom of the same text box.
  • You have successfully pre-scheduled your Facebook status update.

3. PostPlanner

Third in the list is the PostPlanner, which is free as a Facebook app and yet another method to schedule Facebook status updates in advance.

  • Allow it to post on your behalf ( compulsory).

POst planner schedule facebook status update for free


How to use it .

  • Go to the website, click on “Sign in with Facebook”.
  • It will redirect you to Facebook app.
  • Signup with your email to schedule Facebook status.
  • Now you are free to schedule Facebook status in advance.


4. Hootsuite

This fully loaded Social Media Management(what they call it) is pretty much user friendly even with its loads of features. You can easily schedule Facebook status updates with this free service.

  • Allow it to post on your behalf ( compulsory).

Hootsuite facebook status update schedule


How to use it.

  • Simply sign-in with Facebook.
  • Register with your email.
  • Set your Time Zone
  • Now go to dashboard and write a status schedule it for future from Top Text box(as shown in the picture above).



IFTT stands for If This then That. This one is my favorite as it is  completely free and pretty advanced with options of all social media and bookmarking sites.

  • Allow it to post on your behalf ( compulsory).

IFTT schedule facebook status updates free


How to use it.

First of all, you have to activate TIME and Date channel by going HERE  and selecting “Facebook”. Then select your Time zone, and you have successfully activated this channel.

  1. Now “Create a Recipe”
  2. Then, click on blue highlighted “IfTHISthenthat” there.
  3. Now you will be redirected to options with lots of ICONS. Select “Date and Time” option.
  4. Now select that you want it every day, every hour, every day of the week or every year on. As we want it to be done once and then we will delete the RECIPE, so I would advice to go with “Every Year On”.
  5. After that, select date and time at which you want to schedule Facebook status update for.
  6. Three options with different methods of status update will appear – Plain text update, link post, Post with Image. Select the one which you need.
  7. Finally, a box will appear where you have to write down your status.
  8. Click on “Create Action”, then click on “CREATE RECIPE” and you are done !

Don’t panic after seeing so many steps. Just follow and you set it up easily.  Otherwise if you get stuck on any step, then feel free to ask me.

You know any better or more methods ? Then share with me now ! 😀

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