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7 reasons why you should upgrade to Windows 10

Thinking of shifting to Windows 10 ? Then let me introduce it to you and let you decide whether is it really worth to upgrade to Windows 10 or its just another failed attempt like Windows Vista and Windows 8. After using it for over 30+ hours, I have listed 7 reasons why you should upgrade to Windows 10 straight away.

Windows 95 and  98 were widely used then after several fail versions came the Windows XP which was a major hit for Microsoft. Following that Windows Vista came with completely new design concept but failed to impress many due to its excessive computer resource usage.

Two years later, damage control was done by bringing Windows 7, based on same design concepts but lighter and more stable than its predecessor making it the fastest and most selling operating system with 630 million registered copies as of July, 2012 itself.  Microsoft tried to recreate the magic with  Windows 8 but failed both performance and design wise as it was criticized for being too much touch display friendly taken it away from desktop, laptop computers. Now that Windows 10 launched and looks good so far performance wise, lets see why you should upgrade to Windows 10.

Why should I upgrade to Windows 10 ?

Comeback of Start Menu with improvements 

Most of us really missed the start menu in Windows 8 which Microsoft tried to imitate with something similar in Windows 8.1 but failed miserably. In Windows 10, Start menu makes a decent comeback with inclusion of METRO styled live tiles which can be customized as per your choice.

Why you should upgrade to Windows 10

Windows 10 Start Menu with Live tiles

Embedded user account in the start menu blends in giving  a sleek look to the whole menu.

Operations are faster

Microsoft has really worked on making their applications’s loading time better. Everything is well optimized. We can expect more improvement in future beta and final versions. All applications open swiftly, be it Windows Music App, Store or New empty Window itself. This is maybe because of every app in opening in Windowed mode instead of full screen.



Multiple desktops in Windows 10

Those windows loving power users who had to shift to Linux distros because of multiple work space/desktop option now have something to cheer up for. With Windows 10, Multiple Desktop named as TaskView is introduced in which you can have as much different desktops/work-spaces. Its pretty useful for web developers, bloggers, graphic designers, Internet marketers, etc who have to work on different assignments/projects without a problem. You can open and view different application windows on different desktops making it easier to manage.

The concept is of multiple desktops is with a twist. Desktop is one so will be the shortcuts, icons but launched programs, applications, documents, etc will be separate on different desktops giving your multiple work-spaces to work for working on different assignment projects, elements.


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Command Prompt

Windows 10 improved command prompt

Finally they touched the codes of MS DOS 3.0?, pasting into prompt  via short cut keys is finally possible, just press Ctrl + V to paste anything into the prompt which was not possible in any of the previous versions. It was quite irritating at several occasions when you mistakenly tried pasting and all what appeared was “^V” on the screen.


Windowed Apps in Windowed mode

Those full-screen apps use to be slow in opening, now with windowed mode, opening faster than ever before. And, those minimize, close buttons on those apps is a great comeback from Windows 8’s full screen annoying apps feature.

Windows Apps in Windows 10 in

It was great for Touch interfaces but not so good for Desktop and Laptop computers. As said by Joe Belfiore(the VP of Operating Systems at Microsoft) at the Windows 10 launch event, Microsoft is now focusing more on one platform for all devices that is  why they have brought back Desktop computer friendly interface as a choice.

Faster and Better Start Menu search

We would have to wait for the results as it use to be somewhat slow if you had many programs installed, but now in Windows 10 it has improved dramatically. Also now you can use it to search anything on Internet powered default by Microsoft’s own search engine, Bing. All you have to do is type the search term and press enter.

Universal search in Windows 10

For instance if I want to search for “Chandler Bing“, I would type that in the Start menu search bar and press enter. It will take you to Search Window connected to Internet and search results from Bing search engine will appear.


Alarm Clock


Performance based interface with more alarm options. Timer doesn’t stop when you open another app, as it use to happen to some users Windows 8.1 .



Things that could have been better

Metro Boot loader  inside Windows

The feature that came from Windows 8 onward is good for people bored with old boot loader  but not for users who are on multi-booting. It delays the direct boot time as it first loads Windows 10 then the Metro boot loader appears and if you just switched on your computer and went to pick up coffee expecting it to be logged in by that time.

However, you can revert to old styled boot loader by typing this in in Command prompt(open CMD in Administrator mode). Press enter after typing below command and this message will appear “The operation completed successfully”.

bcdedit /set {default} bootmenupolicy legacy


You can go back to Metro style boot loader by entering this in command prompt(open CMD in Administrator mode)

bcdedit /set {default} bootmenupolicy standard


Slow and Full Screen Music player

One of the reason behind it being slow on the first start is it being Full screen windowed  plus heavy user interface with lots of elements like Online synchronization, Xbox music sync, online music playing option(which is linked to your Xbox and Live subscriptions)

Scroll button doesn’t work on Volume bar in taskbar 

You can no longer decrease or increase system volume with scroll button from the volume bar in the taskbar.


No improvement in Windows Media Player, yet again

It would have been nice if Microsoft had a look at their media player instead of bringing separate Video and Music apps in Windows 8, 8.1 and now in 10. Still no scroll button volume control which is annoying as for increasing/decreasing volume, you have to click the volume button every time unlike media players  like VLC, Pot player, etc which are better than Windows Media player by miles. We still cannot seek videos forward or backward with keyboard shortcuts.

Still doesn’t support open source media formats like .mkv, .mp4 leave behind h.264. For playing such formats, you have to download and install codecs which many users including doesn’t like.

Subtitles cannot be dragged and dropped into the video. The only way you can insert them in the video is by renaming them as video’s name  and keeping it in the same folder as the video which is quite old and obsolete method for playing subtitles.

After finished this post I  submitted detailed feedback report to Microsoft. Lets hope that they have a look at many similar feedback reports like mine  and bring some improvements



Should I upgrade to Windows 10?

Yes for sure. Improved design, performance and the introduction of Taskview – Multiple Desktops, there is no reason why you should stay back on Windows 7 or 8.1. If you are on Windows 8 then I would suggest you to upgrade to Windows 10 because 8 had several compatibility issues.

Periodical feedback automatic survey reports from each of Windows 10 preview would certainly help in improving it.

f you think you are ready? Then try Windows 10 preview edition now. But I should warn you thats its preview edition for developers and testers for testing purpose, it may or may not be stable. It may also have bugs and errors .

Looks good

Bit of improvements in upcoming releases and it can catch up with Windows 7. Microsoft should work on compatibility of backward version based programs which was the key behind Windows 7 success along with its renovated design.  Overall, it looks promising. I will keep you updated on further developments in upcoming post on the same topic. Lastly, what’s your thoughts about Windows 10? liked it? or gonna stay on Windows 7, 8.1. Share via comments.

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