Release date : 27 September,2013  for all platforms EA sports, the spots video-game developing giant has rolled out the preview of much awaited gaming series FIFA's latest FIFA 14, which has promised to take football gaming to next level with features like  ‘Pure Shot’, ‘Real Ball Physics’, and the midfielder-friendly 'Protect The Ball’. Last edition '13, was the biggest hit of the series and sold around 4.4million copies in first week of sale.  Talking about FIFA 13, which was undeniably … [Read more...]

How to watermark images ?

Are you a photographer or content creator ?, and don't like people copying your unique pictures without giving credit?. So now you have decided to put watermark on your image, but the question is, how to do it correctly with a touch of professionalism. Many times the question "How to watermark image" would have popped-up in your mind Don't worry, in this article, I am going to teach you that how to watermark you image.  And let us start with the way I do it. 1. Watermark using … [Read more...]

How to Increase Torrent Speed ?

Torrents are best way to download large files. Torrent use Bittorrent protocol which is has several advantages over traditional client server file sharing. In spite of this many user complain of slower speed when using torrent compared to direct HTTP/FTP download. The problem is that most people do not know the basics of this protocol or have their Bittorrent client misconfigured.  This guide is divided into 2 sections. Click to navigate quickly: I)  Bittorrent basics II) Top 10 ways to … [Read more...]

New iOS features

Image Credit: Apple has silenced the growing critics over it’s static design and discontent over it’s operating system which didn’t change much since 2007 by revealing IOS 7 at the WWDC 2013  which was held in San Francisco yesterday. From color Schemes and typography to typical icons and entire button shape across the entire platform has been alternated. In simpler words, the whole thing- from Photo app to Safari browser. Let’s have a look at some of the features of the new IOS 7 … [Read more...] launched in India

For all the Online Indian shoppers out there, there is a very good news for you, but a panic attack for all the Indian shopping sites who victimize innocent  Indian Online shoppers. Long awaited Online Mega Retail-store's plan of entering Indian market has finally turned into reality with it's launch of  some hours ago. By the time you finish reading this post, it may get indexed by Google too.           Previously Amazon … [Read more...]

FIFA vs PES [Infograph]

The long going online/offline war between Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) and  EA sport's FIFA can take a break now! . Na, you guessed it wrong, neither of them have won the battle, instead it's time to look at the respective game's history through this cool info-graph. Myself being a fan of both FIFA and PES, publishing an article like this was a tough thing. With the release of FIFA 13 and PES 13, the debate over the supremacy has gone even further. So let's not waste any more time and look at … [Read more...]

Automatically download and install software

Whenever you do a fresh install of Windows or buy new PC you have to go through one tedious task. Which is to download and install software that are essential to run your PC. Downloading and installing latest version of each software takes a lot of time. Moreover some software installers are like riddles. One wrong move and your home page will be replaced by a shady search engine, computer will be filled with toolbars you  don't want or other crap-ware. Thankfully there is great software … [Read more...]

How to Disable Facebook sounds? [Notifications]

Recently the social networking giant Facebook launched the "notification sound" which produced a "beep" sound as soon as you get a notification. It is actually a great way to keep you updated on what's happening in your Facebook profile. On the other hand, it becomes annoying when you keep on receiving these notification sounds continuously from Facebook. Don't worry, there is simple way to disable it itself from Facebook settings. Follow the small tutorial given below to check it out ! On … [Read more...]

How to play FIFA online ? [Solved]

Want to play FIFA online without making an EA account?, but never been able to ?  Then from now onward, you won't face this problem again because I know an old and simple yet unknown way to do it. Don't worry, it is completely legit and thousand of gamer's around the globe are using to play against their friends and strangers for fun/increasing skills. Besides that, it not only work for FIFA, but for all online playable games too !  All you have to do is download GameRanger  and follow the … [Read more...]

Internet Addiction really exists ? [Infographic]

Are we really addicted to Internet ? or Internet addiction is just termed coined by internet critics ? With sites like Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, Google taking over our Online lives. Kids use it for completing their assignments, and the older teens use it for gaming,  socializing online etc. It has become medium for millions of users to live a secondary life online through Secondlife, Facebook etc. Now enough of talking, let the info-graph do rest of the talking . Click to … [Read more...]