How to play Flappy Bird Online for free

Having trouble playing Flappy Bird on your Smartphone ? Then why not play it on your Laptop/Desktop. Yes you have heard it right. Now play Flappy Bird online for free on  your Computer, Laptop or Smart Devices itself. After testing almost 50 variants of the games available online to play Flappy Bird online for free. I cut it down to 3 websites which I found  most suitable and close to original Flappy Bird game that came on Smartphones. Best websites to play Flappy Bird online  for free … [Read more...]

How to Create a Bootable Linux USB drive

Having trouble in creating a bootable usb for linux distro ? It won't be a problem anymore. Be it Mint, Ubuntu, Debian or any other Linux Operating system, creating a bootable Linux usb made as easy as folding a paper. No need of DVDs anymore, as you can easily create bootable Linux usb by yourself and install or run live from it. I will teach you with a simple method to create bootable USB for Linux with LiLi USB creator (Linux Live USB creator). Note: This methods works for almost all … [Read more...]

Best Ways to Schedule Facebook Status Updates in Advance

Ever felt that lazy that you can't be active on social media or Facebook alone but need to post status updates ?.  Then why schedule  Facebook status updates in advance and enjoy a  cup of coffee meanwhile your Facebook Status publishes automatically. Lets get started with the list of services that allow to schedule Facebook status updates in advance for free. I have sorted them according to ease of use, so that you won't have problem in choosing the one which suits you and your needs. 1. … [Read more...]

Find out the Best Media Player for You

You must be tired of slow and Irritating Windows Media player?, which is provided by default with any version of  Windows operating system which is highly modified to match up with its OS. Most of the times, it is ineffective in playing a video or song because they lack audio/video codecs that are required to play your desired video and music. It's the right time to shift to a new media player which will give you a better viewing as well as music listening experience. Let me give a glance at … [Read more...]

Get your Business Online with a Professional Business Website

The Internet has expanded the boundaries of business at least ten times. With the ever increasing access to Internet, the consumers today spend much more time online than before. It has changed the way people buy things. A person sitting at his home in London can buy something from Paris with click of a button. Even mobile devices like smartphones, tablet PCs, netbooks and laptops are connected to internet all the times. Many Business are making the transition to the Internet in order to … [Read more...]

Never Reinstall Windows again

Windows is a large and complex operating system. There are many ways things may go wrong. It may be malware, corrupted files, faulty drivers or even hardware failure.  For many of us the simplest solution for these problems is to reinstall windows again. While this is an easy option, it's very time consuming. It's true that Microsoft has made the process of installing windows much faster since Windows 7 but the whole process takes a lot of time. Installing windows is only a part of it. You have … [Read more...]

How to Store 3 Times More Music on Your Smartphone?

Storage is getting cheaper day by day but it is still limited in smart phones. This is especially true for low end phones with low internal memory. Most of the music we store on our phones is in MP3 format. This music encoding format was first released to public in 1995. Since then we have come a long way and many new codecs have been developed that provide superior quality to MP3 at same size or same quality in smaller file size. The most notable is AAC (AAC-LC). AAC stands for Advanced … [Read more...]

Homemade Laptop Cooling Pad

Overheating is the biggest enemy of a laptop. It can damage its delicate internal components.  There can be many reasons for overheating - dirt in  the cooling system, hardware(fan) failure, improper usage or even bad design of laptop. The solution for many of these problems can be as simple as a cooling pad. A cooling pad comes in two varieties -  active, the one that has a fan and passive, the one without a fan. Making a passive cooling pad is very simple. It can be made from materials … [Read more...]

FIFA Tips and Tricks to become a Professional Level Gamer [GUIDE]

Want to become an unbeatable pro in EA sport FIFA ? , then you are at the right place because I am going to share some out of the box and traditional yet effective FIFA tips and tricks  to become an all rounder professional level gamer of EA sports FIFA. Before you proceed to the interesting part of this article, let me tell you that there is no way that can make you a professional level FIFA gamer over-night. It takes a lot of hard-work, time and determination to be the cut above the rest or … [Read more...]

Win Any Facebook Poke War !

Want to Facebook poke war  from someone ?  then that's not going to be a problem anymore. I have been using this method for long to win all POKE wars on Facebook and many friends have literally cried out to know that how is it possible for that they are unable to win even once. Every time they end up loosing Poke war from me. Isn't it delightful to win a simple poke fight on Facebook by a simple trick.  All you need is to install this simple extension or script(depends on browser) that will … [Read more...]