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New iOS features

iOS 7 logo

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Apple has silenced the growing critics over it’s static design and discontent over it’s operating system which didn’t change much since 2007 by revealing IOS 7 at the WWDC 2013  which was held in San Francisco yesterday.

From color Schemes and typography to typical icons and entire button shape across the entire platform has been alternated. In simpler words, the whole thing- from Photo app to Safari browser.

Let’s have a look at some of the features of the new IOS 7 :-

1. Kids App Section – Apple has now introduced a kid section for finding appropriate apps for children.

    Kid’s App Section in Apple Store – click to Enlarge!

2. Inclinometer –   The former versions of iOS had software support for gyroscope and accelerometer, but now it’s pretty much certain that iOS7 will escort with the latest in 3D space-tracing technology in their latest operating system with an inclinometer.

3. Just Swipe to Go Back  – When browsing through some app or Safari and you need to go back,  then all you have to do is “swipe” in from left.

Apple’s Kids section in App store – click to Enlarge!

4. Enhanced notification sync –  Better notification system with smoother  layout and this iOS 7 will sport “dismiss once, dismiss everywhere” notifications between your computers and devices.

5. Siri Voice Options – iOS 7 now offers a new female voice with improved mail voice, which people claimed it to be new, although it was there, just you needed to change language to English-US instead of UK.

7. New Camera App –This new iOS features a new camera app with faster access to

panorama view. It’s new look is said to be the eye grabber.

6. New Map Features – Maps will get a new blend in iOS7 and will be able to talk to OS X counterparts.

Beside that features like Night mode maps, Map Syncing Bookmarks , Turn by Turn walking directions will help you prevent getting lost in city or street.

7. Today Mode – This is inspired from Google’s Android. It’s a  new mode that shows today’s weather, appointments and other info at a quick glance.

8. Long MMS support: Now, SMS might have longer character count before being sent as MMS message.

9. Siri Can Search Better – From now on, search Bing, Wikipedia and Twitter right from Siri.

10. One Bar on Safari – Finally Safari gets a new look on iOS 7 and we get to see a single bar at the top to enter addresses and searches.

11. iTunes Radio – This is the newest and far more needed addition to iOS. With the introduction of iTunes Radio, Apple is trying to habitude this new way of radio listening through their new operating system. Pick a genre or create a station form your favorite artist like on Pandora, but gain Siri control.

12.  iCloud Keychain – For all on the go users, here is a good news. iCloud will now seamlessly sync passwords, credit card info and WiFi networks to all OS X Mavericks and iOS 7 devices.

13. Live Camera Filters – If you like Instagram, then the  new square photo option and live filters will be among favorites.

14. iOS 7 Looks Change to Match Your Background – When you change the

background of the home screen, the components iOS system will change to match the colors. This includes the dialer and other parts of iOS 7.

15. Better Sharing Menu – It now  includes a scroll-able list of apps and other iPhones list  to make sharing photos and files a lot more easier.

There are lot more features in iOs 7, but we tried to be selective so that our readers won’t get bored. Overall, we are quite happy with the whole makeover of iOs, and looking forward to see much more improvements in iOS. We are pretty sure that Apple fans would be delighted with the announcement of  this makeover.


Wait !!, where you going??, don’t you think that you forgetting something?. Duh !, the download link of iO7 beta.

iOS 7 download : HERE


What do you think about iOS 7 ?, share your views through the comment box below!! Waiting to hear from you the iOS 7 features too.



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