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Logitech G100 Review and Why You Should buy a Gaming mouse!

Are you a gamer who is looking to buy his first gaming mouse to strengthen his gaming skills or planning to buy the Logitech G100 gaming mouse. Then keep reading as today I am going to give hands on review of Logitech g100. Here I present you the Logitech G100 review which I hope will clear all your doubts regarding this mouse. As a bonus I also covered on why you should buy a gaming mouse in case you are hesitant on buying one.

Many hesitate in even purchasing  a gaming mouse, leave behind other accessories like headphones, keyboards, etc. They think that its a waste of money and wouldn’t help much. Even I was in this group until I decided to order this gaming mouse when I got fed up with frequent mouse failures due to which I lost my comfort level that you have  with a mouse. Be it changing sizes of various mouse or weight, could not get a uniform thing, EVER!

Why You should buy a Gaming Mouse?

  • Accuracy: You can try your guts out but their is a limit to accuracy of a normal non-gaming mouse. Be it click response time, movement accuracy and most importantly DRIFT CONTROL.

    Now the question is, What is Drift Control?.Suppose you keep your mouse idle, and focus on cursor on the screen, you will probably see cursor move a bit. Maybe drift to one side of the screen. It mostly happens in old mouse.

  • Durability: That’s an important thing for a gamer as he/she gets used to a particular gaming device and his performance depends on it. This is why gamer carry their gaming mouse, keyboard, headsets etc to gaming events as they have practiced and played several hours with the same gaming gears and configurations are set as per user’s choice. So your gaming gear should last for a longer time so that you can show your skills for a long period of time before purchasing new mouse instead of forcefully needing to buy one as the old one is not working anymore.
  • Performance : Click response time of a gaming mouse is at-least 1/4th of what normal mouse offers. It matters  when you are playing First Person Shooter, Multi-Person shooter  or specially Multiplayer First Person Shooter games where enemy pops up out of nowhere sometimes and then it all comes down to your good reflexes which you gained by practicing over 1000s of hours  and mouse click response time which solely depends on the kind of hardware it has got. For which you need a gaming mouse.
    You may convince yourself up that there is no need of mouse for you to be an epitome of gaming but fact is a fact that you need a gaming mouse to enhance your already polished skills.

Today I have with me the entry level gaming mice, the Logitech g100 gaming mouse with me. Let me walk you through the Logitech G100 review that I recently covered.

This entry level gaming mouse from Logitech can really give you a tremendous gaming experience. Don’t get offended as I called it an “Entry Level” because its really is an entry level gaming mouse as compared to other expensive gaming mouses. In this budget, this is the best a gamer can get with DPI cycle, drift control and etc.

Logitech G100 Specification
#8211; Maximum Tracking Resolution: 2500 DPI #8211; Image processing : 2.4 Megapiixels/sec
#8211; Maximum Acceleration: 23g #8211; Max. Speed: 160 inches/sec (on preferred surface)
#8211; Mouse weight: 80 grams #8211; Cord: 30 grams
#8211; Durability Left amp; Right Button life: 10 million clicks
#8211; Feet: 250 km #8211; Interface: USB

logitech g100 review

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 Here goes the honest hands on Logitech g100 review


After using it for over 3 weeks and 150+ hours of game-play  of several games like Counter Strike 1.6 and Global Offensive, Grand Theft Auto IV, Hitman Absolution, Sniper Elite v2, Call Of Duty Modern and etc, all I can say is that its worth it!

You will never miss a frag when it is in your cross-hair and you use to miss it just because you mouse’s click response time was not quick enough. With DPI cycle button, I configured 3 different DPIs for 2 different games and one for non gaming purpose. It comes pretty handy to be honest.

DPI cycle button in Logitech G100

With  polytetrafluoroethylene feet, you won’t encounter any kind of friction in movement over any legit surface while playing.


Just over a meter, shouldn’t be a problem for you. USB powered. It has got the normal wire just like the one you get in normal mouses, but what’s inside? only manufacturers may know.


After comparing it with the normal Logitech B50 and B100  all I can say that its almost same size. I have clicked a picture while keeping both of them together to give you an idea.

Logitech G100 and Logitech B100 comparison


Weights just little over the normal mouses Logitech B100 or B50. It may feel a little heavy at first for those who use HP mouses specially but won’t bother you after you set up the right DPI for yourself. For those who use wireless mouse, this bad boy will feel no different in terms of weight.

However, if you are still bothered about the weight then you can open it (I won’t recommend as it will void warranty) and take out the piece of metal that is there to increases the weight of the mice and get more base grip. Although after removing the metal piece, the mice will feel like a feather but it will be harder for you to get use new normal mouses which you might buy in future.

How big will it look in my Hand?

Nothing special or bigger if you have an average hand like me.

Holding Logitech g100



Quality of plastic used is pretty good, which is of course what Logitech is known for. Company claims of it going smooth at-least uptil 3 million clicks and being tested of 250km feet. With 3 years of warranty, I am sure that people would be convinced about its reliability.

Logitech g100 front look

Gaming mouses of other brands like Razer, SteelSeries provide only 1 year warranty on their products which gives us an estimate about its durability. Razer mouses specially are often criticized for being less durable as compared to its competitors.

Side view of G100 mouse

Honestly speaking, I have been using Logitech mouse and keyboard for over 10 years in all sort conditions which includes heavy spillage and throwing it or swinging it in the air for no reason.. They last like forever. My keyboard lasted for 11 years and was running but as my pet bunny chewed the wires, I had no option left but to replace it.

Ease of Installation

Just plug in the USB plug in the USB port and you are good to go while the driver is being downloaded. Why you need driver? To set up your desired sensitivity and DPI cycle buttons.

As you can see in the screenshot below, you can set upto 5 levels of DPIs you can switch with the help of the DPI cycle button.

Logitech Gaming Software for mouse

What is DPI cycle and how to use it?

DPI cycle is the custom sequence of DPIs level present on the mouse in the form of a button just behind the scroll button(in this mouse) which when pressed will take you to next DPI you set in the settings. For example, if you are playing on 1000 DPI and your next set DPI level is 1250, so on clicking the DPI cycle button, the DPI level will be changed to 1250.

Enjoy Fragging!

I hope this review of Logitech g100 will help you in making decision on buying this good gaming mice. If you have any doubts about the product or anything then feel free to ask for help by simply commenting your problem in comment box.

If you want me to ask anything else regarding this mouse, then also  feel free to ask. I will update the post with more information.

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