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Keep track of Time spent on Facebook and Internet

Want to increase productivity by cutting down time you spend on Facebook  and other social media websites? Then there is a great way to keep a tab on it and analyse your Internet routine and work upon it.  Now you can keep track of time spent on Facebook and all over Internet  with a single addon/extension for your browser.

Over spending of your precious time on Internet just to pass your time sometimes really puts you in trouble as it causes several complications like missing job, college project deadlines, etc. You also get detached from your social life due to Facebook and Internet addiction. Its high time that you keep track of time spent on Facebook and  Internet  so that can cut it down to  reasonable time and be more productive in other pending works as well as social life. Lets learn to get daily Facebook usage statistics as well as for other websites the easy way. Keeping track of time spent on Facebook, Internet  made easy!

For Google Chrome users,

If you are specially looking to keep track of time spent on Facebook, then follow this.

  1. Add  THIS extension called Facebook Stats to your Google Chrome web browser.

And now you an icon with Facebook logo on a globe will appear in your task-bar where our extensions appear. Keeping track of time spent on Facebook via Chrome extension What’s special about this extension?

  • You can keep track of time spent on Newsfeed, timeline, photos, etc.
  • Option set password for the your Facebook usage stats so that no one can view them without your permission.
  • Graph, pie chart  based Facebook usage statistic as per dates selected.
  • You can add exception list for certain Facebook user’s profiles and the extension won’t count time when you are on that.
  • Stats can be deleted, be it specially for one profile, days.
  • The statistics can be backed up in case you are shifting to new profile on Chrome. You can simply upload the backup and it will count from where you left on your last backup.
  • Stats data export to CSV view which can help in you analyzing your usage in detail for better understanding and planning for cutting down the usage effectively without harming you online social presence.

Is it safe? Been using it for 2 months on 3 different computers so all I can say is that yes it is safe for me including 6500+ other users who are currently using it. And for the record, Google Chrome store doesn’t allow extensions which are not safe or suspicious in behavior. Now if you looking not just keep track of time spent on Facebook but other websites as well then, here is another simple yet useful plugin.

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It is a pretty impressive Google Chrome extension for keeping a track of your time spent on Internet.  Log time for all your Internet activities from this one simple extension. The detailed statistics report has really amazed me. Its can show stats based on domains, time, websites and different graphs to depict various stats of my internet activity. Download from on Chrome Web Store.TimeStats to keep track of time spent on Facebook

And below is the on demand your Internet time stats menu by default which is just a click away.

 Timestats for Facebook
Whats different from the extension given above?

  • Easier time usage data representation.
  • Tiny time spent on each notification.
  • Its not limited for tracking your time for Facebook alone, but you can track time for all Internet usage through this browser.
  • Set idle time frame (in seconds) before the app considers it as idle and stops recording time.
  • Delete certain websites from the log with one click.
  • Can exclude sites and domains.
  • You can also take and load backups for uninterrupted usage statistics.
  • Set Statistics notification with one click according to your choice, be it for a day, week or choose there itself from options.

If you are looking for something to keep track of time spent on Internet? Then this is one of the best you can get.

For Mozilla Firefox users,

There is a mighty all in one add on called Mind The Time available in Firefox which shows your Internet time statistics in a very simple and neat manner. It has pretty much all  the features like the above two extensions of Chrome browser. Infact, its simpler and easier to look at the usage stats. MindTheTime to keep track of time spent on Internet What it cannot do?

  • No Backup: Unlike the Chrome extensions, you cannot take a backup and upload on other Computer for uninterrupted stats of your time on Internet.

What’s good about it?

  • Simple and Neat: See time spent based on different websites alone. its good for people don’t want too much details but the time spent on different websites.MindTheTime Time reports for your Internet activities
  • Analog Timer: Tiny Analog based  display timer in the tool bar.
  • Set Idle time limit: In this addon too you can set limit of time before the tracker considers your inactivity as idle and stop.


Thats all folks

From now on, you should see increase in your  productivity as you know how much time you spent on Facebook. Just leave these extensions/addons alone and enjoy the your Facebook, Internet usage statistics

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