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iOS Like Edge Bounce Effect in Google Chrome

Edge bounce effect is an iconic feature. For the uninformed, this a feature in Apple’s iOS devices. When you scroll past edge of content you will get a gray background and the content will bounce back like a rubber band or a spring.  Like all features this is also patented by  Apple ( Patent No. 7,469,381 ).

This effect can be achieved in chrome using an extension called Chromium Wheel Smooth Scroller. Just install this extension and this effect will be enabled on all pages. Here is an example showing edge bounce effect on our site. The animated GIF may take some time to fully load so be patient.

ios edge bounce chrome

Demo: Edge Bounce Effect

This extension has two other great features also smooth scrolling and inertial scroll

Smooth scrolling

The default scrolling in chrome is jerky and also slow compared to others like Firefox. This extension makes the scrolling smooth and allows you to increase the speed separately for mouse and keyboard. The biggest advantage is that the settings will only affect Chrome and not modify scrolling speed for other application.

Inertial scroll

Everybody hate long pages where you have to do lot of scrolling to reach the what you want. Inertial scrolling keeps scrolling the page even after removing your finger from scroll wheel as if the page possess mass and inertial like physical objects.

Setting Page

The settings page is very detailed. Here you can customise the extension to your taste.


What we liked

  1. Works well on all sites.
  2. Even works on pages divided into different sections. The effect works on each section independently. For example, it works perfectly on sidebar feed in Facebook .
  3. Scrolling becomes very smooth. Once you use it the default scrolling in Chrome will feel jerky.
  4. Less scrolling on large pages due to inertial scrolling.
  5. Detailed settings page with separate section for mouse and keyboard.

What we didn’t

Has a problem with pages having  header bar like Google search result. Developer should note this and correct it.

Download Chromium Wheel Smooth Scroller


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