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Internet Addiction really exists ? [Infographic]

Are we really addicted to Internet ? or Internet addiction is just termed coined by internet critics ?

With sites like Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, Google taking over our Online lives. Kids use it for completing their assignments, and the older teens use it for gaming,  socializing online etc. It has become medium for millions of users to live a secondary life online through Secondlife, Facebook etc. Now enough of talking, let the info-graph do rest of the talking .

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About Amaan Rizwan

I'm a blogger who is in love with Computer hardware and software. Little shy but want to fly high in the sky. You can connect with me on Google Plus and Twitter @amaanthinks

  • Rajesh Jhamb

    very nice infographinc man

    I am also internet addicted and there are a lots of disadvantages of internet addiction.

    • Amaan

      Hi Rajesh!
      Thanks for appreciation!, stay tuned for some awesome articles !
      cheers !

  • Swapna Modi

    good post…knowledge… n infografic

  • David Parker

    The use of Internet was very well understood with this infographics as I am too internet addicted. Learned some useful things via such.