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How to Increase Typing speed on Keyboard: Working Guide!

Want to increase your typing speed? Do you need to watch the keys on your keyboard for typing and find it troublesome when you have to write a lot of text? Then I am here to help you increase typing speed on any computer keyboard.

My typing speed used to be very sluggish in initial days when I had no Internet or any medium to enhance my typing speed. I would either waste time playing computer video games or chatting with friends on social media website through textese or random capitalization alphabets. Chatting did help in improving speed to a small extent of knowing the position of keys but all together it was not worth it. These things ruin your chances of gaining typist kind of speed. For improving typing speed, you don’t need any rocket science methodology or magic but concentration and discipline. Or,  lack of practice, experience all together. Here goes  the step by step guide to increase typing speed.

First of all, let me give you a brief of how the speed is measured. Words Per Minute(WPM) is a measure of words used to measure your typing speed. Its the amount of words you can type in a minute.

Here is a table of WPM score based on what you can judge your speed level. Its extracted after consulting several typist.

WPM score measure
Below 20 WPM  You seriously need to work on speed
Below 40 WPM Buck up
40-50 WPM  You can get better even better
50-60 WPM Not bad. Try for  more
70-80 WPM You are good but don't settle for it
80-90 WPM You are pretty fast- how about hitting Century?
90 and above WPM Professional – Haven't looked at keyboard in a long time I guess

Which is better for me ? QWERTY or DVORAK keyboard? 

If you started with DVORAK then excellent or even if with QWERTY then also well and good. DVORAK is said to be better keyboard as it requires less finger motion, and increases typing speed and decreases errors. I have seen people achieving 160 WPM with QWERTY with my own naked eyes. I wonder what would happen if they switched to DVORAK.

1. Look at the keys and type

Learn to Increase typing speed on keyboard

That is how all start so don’t feel embarrassed while typing by looking at the keyboard. You need to know the position of the alphabets on the keyboard so take a passage from a book and start typing it in a blank word document. Or, go to Wikipedia and do the same. Keep on practicing till you see a significant improvement by yourself.

You might make spelling errors as well but its part of your learning phase. If you encounter any spelling error, then be sure to correct it instead of going ahead else it will be problem later on when your hands will be synchronized to wrong order of alphabets to a particular word’s spelling, even though you know the right spelling. For instance, if you are use to of writing “clokc” for the word “clock”, then you won’t be able to write it correctly in first attempt anywhere as you mind is trained to type those letters in that order for that particular word.

Give special attention to punctuation keys as they become difficult to type if you not used much. Use them as much as possible. Same goes for numeric keys, the ones below the function keys.


2. Play Typing Games

Learning something becomes easy if its fun too and thanks to game developers, there are such interesting typing games.  I would recommend a very interesting typing game for Windows known as The Typing of the Dead  which is one of its kind. Its a modification of the old game The House of the Dead which I am pretty sure, you must have played. Both are developed by SEGA.
Increase typing speed by playing Typing of the dead
You will have to type letters, words and sentences to kill zombies and other dangerous creatures in the game quickly to survive. Its a fun way to  increase your typing speed. And, if you don’t like the vintage graphics then you can opt for latest version called The Typing of the Dead: Overkill with decent graphics.

Linux user? Don’t worry, there are games for it too. The one I personally used and liked a lot was Tux Typing. Its an open source gave developed as a community project in C language.

TuxType to increase keyboard typing speed

Its available for all major operating systems.


3. Play, Practice  and Compete with Others Online

Competing with others makes you better as you are driven by a force of competition to do better than others and march to victory, and who doesn’t like to win?. There are a lot of good online games and communities where you can practice and play with others. Register on those sites and start typing!. Your scores are recorded, ranks are shown and WPM per match is shown at the end of the watch.

Playing 10Fast Fingers

10 Fast Fingers

I would recommend two such typing learning websites like Typeracer  and 10FastFingers. While the former one has rankings, invitation, your WPM history, the latter one has all the features as well plus rooms marked as competitions with high scores.

Typeracer has ranking and matchmaking based on skills as well so that you don’t get demotivated due to expert typist winning all the games and also passages from different novels, articles whose name appears at the end of the race. On the other hand, 10FastFingers has more user friendly and smooth interface as well as more languages to practice in.

Playing typracer to improve speed of typing on Keyboard


That’s it? No, there is a surprise. Do the little ones in your house want to learn to type and they find the above games and online services less amusing then try out this free game called Teaches Typing.
Teaches Typing for kids ot increase typing speed
Its pretty good for children under the age of 12 with all the comic characters, and special visual treats for every alphabet they type with minimal difficult so that every child can enjoy it.


Now it’s your turn

I am done talking, now time for you to practice as in famous proverb Practice makes a man perfect.  Practice typing for 20-30 minutes daily.

The more you practice, the better you get. You will improve slowly depending upon the hours you put into it. Try blogging, writing e-journal as an hobby.

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