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How to play Flappy Bird Online for free

Having trouble playing Flappy Bird on your Smartphone ? Then why not play it on your Laptop/Desktop. Yes you have heard it right. Now play Flappy Bird online for free on  your Computer, Laptop or Smart Devices itself. After testing almost 50 variants of the games available online to play Flappy Bird online for free. I cut it down to 3 websites which I found  most suitable and close to original Flappy Bird game that came on Smartphones. Best websites to play Flappy Bird online  for free are-

Attention – If you want to go directly to MULTIPLAYER Flappy bird then go directly HERE


Play Flappy Bird online for free 1 Simple Flappy Bird game which requires mouse pointer clicks instead of taps on screen which was required on phones. What’s special ? Leadership board – Score good and then add it to the the all time scoreboard while comparing it with scores lodged there. And yes, you can share your score on Twitter. On other devices ? A bit heavy in gravity but still not bad to play.


Another game like the above mentioned with SCOREBOARD feature missing. A bit easier to play as compared to #1.

Play Flappy Bird online for free 2

You can share your score on Twitter. On other devices? Good enough to play with.


Now that you have played the above 2 Flappy bird games, now time to test your skills agianst other players online. Play Flappy

Play Flappy Bird multiplayer online free

bird multiplayer online with players from around the world. Simply set your “nickname” and compete with others What’s special? Available for Android – Play Flappy  bird multiplayer online from you smartphone itself.  Download from Google Playstore from the link given there. Changeable themes – Bored of  the default background? then try three different backgrounds. Wide range of servers – If you not able to score much in one due to competition then switch to another server. Server based rankings –  Score best, and see you name until someone on the same server beats you. On other devices? A little laggy on some devices as it requires little bit better GPU for multiplayers, but should be fine on majority of the devices.

After the sad farewell of official Flappy Bird from all digital app stores, it has been been harsh on everyone, ranging from avid mobility gamer to time killers. After getting bored from Angry Bird, this was the game which was pretty interesting and to hang around with.

What’s your highscore? do share with us!

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