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How to disable Facebook seen feature ?

disable facebook seenEver got into a socially unavoidable circumstance due to Facebook seen feature in chat? . This feature was introduced about a half year ago by the social networking giant Facebook.
Sometimes I also feel that this Seen feature on Facebook is annoying. Its really suffocating when you don’t want your friend to know whether you are AFK(Away from Keyboard) or you’re ignoring him.
In other words, when you wanna know the same its actually useful. But still people like us want some way out for our  benefit.
So you would be thinking how is it possible to disable such a feature.

If you want to get rid/bypass that feature, then keep on reading this article because I am going to teach you how to disable Facebook seen feature .

Enough of talking, now here is the Download link

For Chrome users , – Not working anymore. I suggest you to use second link.
FB Unseen Extension

For All other users,
The Chat cheater

Facebook App,
Unseenly App


 UPDATE:  Now you can hide your writing something in chat too . For example if your friend is writing something in chat  box, it shows   “XYZ is typing”.

Now I think some questions maybe popping up in your mind , bring it on ! 

>How to install these SCRIPTS ?

Ans: Just download, it will install itself. Then it will ask to RESTART your browser and TADA ! 

>Will it affect my Facebook account ? Can it lead to my account getting Banned ?

Ans: No, not at all. It’s not related to hacking or other stuff, it’s simple javascript blocking script for chat  .


> Is that Facebook app safe ?  Can I trust that app ?

Ans: Well, at-least I am using it for a long time simultaneously in Mozilla Firefox. Till now I don’t find any reason to complaint.


>Why TWO Chrome extension links are given ? 

Ans: Actually, some people complained about the first extension not working efficiently , so I found one more extension which is new and better.

Seems like the core part is over, so let me get straightforward to you about this article . If you didn’t like it or have any complain regarding any of the extension or app mentioned above, then do drop a comment below .


Don’t shy from dropping comment of your feelings 😉 .  And yes!, keep coming back for more tech tips .

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  • nice article to know 🙂 Really nice

  • Seriously, no offence – but these apps are as stupid as their name. I’ve tried it chatting with my brother using this from different place, and it didn’t seem to work at all. Tried all the 3 applications, you can’t rely on the 3rd Party Stuff. Anyway, I don’t really care if I see their posts or not 😛

    • Amaan

      it really works, I tried doing it with friend sitting beside me with Laptop 🙂
      Reinstall app :

    • Peter

      I totally disagree with you. This Facebook seen hide thing is absolutely great. Now I can turn off chat seen anytime I want. It works like a charm here.

      • Amaan

        Hi Peter,
        The developer of the app makes it for free, so he inserts adds. By the way you can DISABLE them by going in OPTIONS if you dont like it, Simple as that.

  • Jayesh ( IGN:-Spartan)

    Nice 🙂

  • VenkkatRakhav

    Good Post Helpful Thanx

  • usman

    how to disable fb seen feature from Android fb app ?

    • Amaan

      Soon, I will come up with it, Right now developing it ! Keep Visiting TA !

  • Didn’t aware about this fact bro. Thanks for the info.

    • Amaan

      My Pleasure Sriram 🙂 , Thanks for stopping by ! Come back soon !

  • Kakaru Korn

    We are only installing the app on our PC. Does this “seen/unseen” feature works on the other end(the chat sender)

    • Amaan

      Yah, the person sitting at the other end won’t be able to know whether you have seen his message or not 🙂

      Thanks for commenting, Keep Visiting TA !

  • Dunni