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How to change DNS? Changing DNS made easy !

How to Change DNS

Not able to surf internet fast or not able to browser internet at all but your download speed is fine  ?, then it’s time to change your DNS from your old ragged DNS of your Internet Service Provider. Some consider changing DNS as taboo as their respective ISP customer helpline suggest not to change them.
But by not changing your DNS, you might be missing 100% Internet capability provided by your Internet Service Provider.

Is it safe?

It’s 100% safe as you just changing your DOMAIN NAME SYSTEM server only. But remember change to  DNS addresses given below or adviced by some computer expert only !.

What is DNS [ Domain Name System] ?

Do you think that the website name that you type in your address bar open’s that website ? , then you are absolutely wrong. Every website has an IP address from the server it’s hosted on.

How DNS works ?

It changes the website address you type in address bar  to specific IP address of that website and hence you get connected to that website server and you are able to surf the website.

Enough of theory, now let’s see the simple way to changing  DNS ! Don’t panic, just simply follow the steps given below . For your convenience we have added screenshots step by step.

How to Change DNS ?

Step 1

– Click on the Network icon in the task-bar given left to volume control button
How to Change DNS

Step 2-

A window named “Network and Sharing Center ” will appear . Click on “Local Area Connection, under Network (Home Network) as shown in the screenshot given below

How to Change DNS

Step 3 –

Now a window named “Location Area Connection Status” will appear on screen. Click on “properties” from the bottom three options as shown in the screenshot below

How to Change DNS

Step 4 –

After you click on properties as given in step 3,  a window named “Location Area Connection Properties” will pop on screen.

There will be scroll down options  box with the name “This connection uses the following items”.

Scroll down a bit , and you will find ” Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4)” named option as highlighted below in screenshot.

Single Click on it, and then go its properties as highlighted below in the screenshot.

How to Change DNS

Step 5-

Now a window will appear on screen named “Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4) properties”.

In General tab, option named “Obtain DNS server automatically” will be ticked by default.

Now just below that there will be “Use the following DNS server addresses ” . Tick on it

Now enter the address of OpenDNS  as shown in the screenshot below

  • – First box
  • – Second Box

or Google DNS


    If you want to compare your current DNS server with others, then try NameBench from Google labs : HERE . With its help you can find the fastest DNS servers as well compare anyone of them.

Changing DNS

Now click on “OK” at the bottom.

Step 6-

You internet still may not work as cache of your previous DNS might be conflicting with your new DNS configuration. So it is time to clear the DNS cache.

Go to start menu, type “cmd” or “command prompt” and open Command prompt.  Type “ipconfig /flushdns” and press enter as shown in below screenshot.

How to change DNS

Now you have successfully changed your DNS without any problem, so surf internet with a better response time, i.e. faster surfing

See, Changing DNS was not at all tough

If you face any problem regarding this, then do drop a comment below with your problem, we will help solve it.

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