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How to Add Number to Web Browser Tabs

If you keep many tabs open in your web browser, then you must have faced the situation where it became difficult to differentiate one tab from another. Specially in the case when you need to constantly switch between particular tabs from the bunch of inactive tabs. What if you can put numbers on the tabs? Wouldn’t it become easier to pick out the tabs for quick accessibility. You can do that with simple and free add-ons/extension for your browser. Learn how to add number to web browser tabs.

How to add numbers to tabs in Google Chrome

  1. Install this extension from the Google Chrome store.
  2. Press Ctrl or Alt key or combination of both to view numbers as shown the screenshot below.Add number to tab Web Browser tabs in  Chrome

The numbers will only appear on the tabs which has a webpage opened. New tabs won’t carry a number. It doesn’t work if you are working inside text editor in a tab, and in that case you will have to click outside the editor for making it work. The tab number will change if you reshuffle the position of tabs.

You can use Google Chrome extension in Opera as well, by installing this addon and then you can add numbers to tabs in Opera as well.


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How to add number to tabs in Mozilla Firefox?

  1. Install this addon from the Mozilla Firefox addon store.
  2. You have successful added numbers to all of your tabs as you can see below. The tab number will stay static even if you re-arrange the order.Add Number to Web Browser Tabs of Firefox

If you don’t like the numbers highlighting and looking for something simple embedded in tabs itself, instead of popup notification kind then you can try this extension. The tab tab number stays static and won’t change even if you re-arrange the tabs. Example given below.

Add Number to Web Browser Tabs of Firefox

That’s all folks

So this is how you add number to web browser tabs. You can also check The Best Web Browsers for you. If you encounter any issue in following the above then ask help through the comment box, given below.

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  • Benedict

    I think adding numbers to my browser will solve the problem of mess while working. Thank you.

  • I downloaded the extension, but it does not appear to work for me…. 🙁

    • Amaan

      Did you made any change to extension’s settings? because it is working for me. Can you please walk me through how you tried using the extension. Thanks.

      • okay, so I disabled all of my other extensions EXCEPT for this one, and it works. I guess I’ll have to try re-enabling them all one by one in order to figure out which one is causing the conflict. Should have thought of that on my own. Thanks 🙂

        • Actually, I did just find another issue. It looks like the tab numbering stops working at 9, unless there’s some way to

          • Amaan

            The extension has stopped working properly after 9 Tabs for last two versions of Chrome. I have emailed the developer to fix that. If any he didn’t, we will publish an improved version.