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Google vs Bing , who is the king ? [Infograph]

Google vs Bing , the battle begins !

A decade long war between Google and Microsoft’s Bing searching engine over gaining market.  Google being started as BackRub in 1996 by two college students named Larry Page and Sergery Bin. Later renamed to “Google” in 1997 competed and surpassed its biggest contender Yahoo in a year and came on one on one with Microsoft’s newly launched MSN Search.

Over the years, Google have shown dominance in Search Engine market, with Bing’s repetitive failures in marketing and algorithms. Microsoft is even accused of copying Google’s search algorithms for improving their search results.

Enough of talking, let’s see this decorous infograph !

Google vs BingVIA

Still not clear about the result ? then check this BingvsGoogle website where you can compare results of both search engines simultaneously. Rest we leave upon you to decide that which is better !

With 68.7% of  World-Wide Internet searches, Google leads the market by a big margin. So in the battle of Google vs Bing, the former contender undoubtedly comes out  as the winner.

What’s your favorite search-engine ? Google or Bing, or some other cool yet unknown search-engine ? Then share with us through the commenting box given below. We would be thrilled to hear from you 🙂 🙂

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