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Get your Business Online with a Professional Business Website

get your business online

The Internet has expanded the boundaries of business at least ten times. With the ever increasing access to Internet, the consumers today spend much more time online than before. It has changed the way people buy things. A person sitting at his home in London can buy something from Paris with click of a button. Even mobile devices like smartphones, tablet PCs, netbooks and laptops are connected to internet all the times.

Many Business are making the transition to the Internet in order to expand their customer base. If they can, then why not you?
Get your business online and reap the benefits of worldwide exposure for your business.

Now we will give you a blue-print for starting your website for your business that will get your business online !

Getting Started

Once a business has decided to take their company online, then they can begin to look at what it is that they require.

Domain name: This is the first thing to consider. It is a unique name for a website. It should relate to the company’s business, easy to remember and type. For a domain name shorter is better. Domain names with hyphens and numbers are not considered good.

Web Host: The second thing to consider is how much traffic is expected. How many pages will be needed. Does the site needs to be a shopping-cart website or just one with information. Once the requirements of the website are established, it is then possible to find a web hosting service and website builder that matches those requirements.

Creating Your Website

Website builders can be used by any person regardless of their experience with building websites. The reason for this is because of the step-by-step format that website builders take. Each step is simple by itself and after completing each step as directed, the finished product can be just as good as a website built by a professional. The various templates that come with the website builders are designed in many different ways in order to give the user a selection of designs to match their needs perfectly. After uploading the website to the web hosts servers, it becomes available to be browsed immediately by anyone in the world with an internet connection.

A website builder can help business owners with no knowledge of HTML, or other internet languages, to create a professional website. Example of few templates offered by a website builder:


Mobile Websites

Having a website that can be viewed by a mobile device properly is as important as the website that is created for normal computers. It is important to take note of whether the website can be viewed on both platforms effectively, and then create a mobile version of the site if one isn’t in place already. With up to 50% of people using their mobile device to search online for products and services, being able to interact properly with mobile internet users is crucial to building a company’s online presence.

There are two approaches to make a website mobile:

  1. Responsive design: In this type of design there is a single website. The website adjust automatically according to the size of the the media. For example, when our website is viewed on PC you can see a sidebar. But when when you view it on a mobile device the sidebar automatically moves below the content. This is done with the help of media queries.
  2. Separate website: In this approach there is separate version of same website for mobile devices usually on a subdomain like It offers more flexibility in terms of customization.

Integrate Social Media to the Website

To help with the online presence of a website, social media channels should be integrated to the website. This allow clients to connect with the business over their social media profiles. Facebook and Twitter buttons can be added to a specific page. This will encourage clients to connect with you on social platforms or ‘like’ your website. Social media is a way for companies to increase the traffic to their website by making use of the social network on social media sites. For sites having lots of images Pinterest Pin It button can be used to share images.

Wider Reach through Digital crowd

By not having online presence, you are missing upto 40% of your customers. For instance, if a person searches for ” Graphics Cards seller London” , then your search-engine will show local stores. And if you have a website and online listing then you have better chances of getting noticed as compared to others.


Starting a business in today’s world and not having a website is a big disadvantage . Setting up a website is very easy and does not cost much. Even if the products are are not sold online the website can give valuable information to potential customers. A good website will leave a good impression on customers and can convert potential customers to actual buyers.

Online presence can act as icing in the cake for your business, so don’t think anymore and get your business online before your competitors do.

Did we miss something? Then don’t hesitate and share it with us via comments.

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