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FIFA vs PES [Infograph]

The long going online/offline war between Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) and  EA sport’s FIFA can take a break now! . Na, you guessed it wrong, neither of them have won the battle, instead it’s time to look at the respective game’s history through this cool info-graph. Myself being a fan of both FIFA and PES, publishing an article like this was a tough thing.

With the release of FIFA 13 and PES 13, the debate over the supremacy has gone even further. So let’s not waste any more time and look at this info-graph.

Graph: FIFA vs PES

Both the franchises take virtual football gaming to next level with every release. While EA is promising to improve game-play by enhancing and implementing in-game performance with what they call “2nd chance tackles”, Konami is pretty sure to juggernaut FIFA series commercially with its new game modes.

Lets see whether FIFA 14 or PES 14 takes lead.

What’s your favorite FIFA or PES, and why ?, do tell us in comments 🙂




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  • AjaySas007

    Absolutely Pes[Pro Evolution Soccer] Is The Best ! Duh, No Doubt In It.

    • Amaan

      Game-play wise? I will agree, but who knows waht EA will come with in their upcoming FIFA 14 🙂

  • Fifa due to licensing stuff, but as you can see there are many patches for PES that make it realistic too. However, FIFA for me. And AMaan, I expect something higher from you : Infographs aren’t a topic to have a chat around and you’ve not written it yourself. I’d love to see the content YOU write, you’re not a bad writer and I often visit this blog to check the latest posts. I suggest you to post soemthing else rather than infographics.

    • Amaan

      Sorry for lettign you down Ayush :), Actually I’m suffering from Acute Jaundice, so it’s quite difficult in this situation to post regularly. As soon as my condition starts improving, will raise the bar of articles 🙂
      Thanks for dropping your honest comment !


    NICE WORK Amaan i’d like ur work !!

    Well wating for fifa 14 i hate pes but this time there is messi on the cover so will try 😛

    • Amaan

      Thanks Shivam ! , Me also waiting for FIFA 14 🙂 , And yes the fifa 14 cover is now looking stunning with BALE’s pic.
      Keep Visiting !

  • Rohit Jalan

    its pes.. because of the graphics !

    • Amaan

      Game-play wise PES is said to be better 🙂

  • Conglomera .

    Was a FIFA customer from the beginning until PES 6 came out then I’m
    still playing it today. Don’t know much about recent releases though,
    need a new gen console or computer to judge.