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FIFA Tips and Tricks to become a Professional Level Gamer [GUIDE]

FIFA tips for becoming pro Want to become an unbeatable pro in EA sport FIFA ? , then you are at the right place because I am going to share some out of the box and traditional yet effective FIFA tips and tricks  to become an all rounder professional level gamer of EA sports FIFA. Before you proceed to the interesting part of this article, let me tell you that there is no way that can make you a professional level FIFA gamer over-night. It takes a lot of hard-work, time and determination to be the cut above the rest or majority of gamers.

Many gamers might be giving you a lot of Fifa tips and tricks, but no one would give you the exact blue-print to improve your game-play.

Back in FIFA 2005, playing was much different with one player from defend zone could have scored a goal by himself with the help of trick key[doesn’t exist anymore but sprint key can do some effective tricks since FIFA 2007] and  sprint. Since FIFA 07, focus of EA has shifted to making game more realistic and provide more grounded game-play, due to which the game has become comparatively slower.  Out of all versions since FIFA 07, the most balanced is FIFA 11 in terms of game-play and bug counts.

Let’s start with the most basic one.

I am complete newbie, what should I do ?

First of all, set the game-play difficulty to “Amateur”. Don’t get offended but a gamer cannot be an expert in a game without being familiar with it. For instance, if you are quite good at some RPG game, and then you try hands on a Racing game. I don’t think that you will be able to give a tough fight in the highest difficulty like you did in RPG game. I know that professional gamers might not agree but they have practiced a lot to expertise in a particular game or its series.

  • Practice Mode : Play against other teams to improvise general game-play and gain better control over ball. As there is no time  limit, so keep on playing until you feel confident over your skills. Try scoring as much as you can. Score from different angles, distances, positions which will give you guesstimate of the shot’s power for different  distances and scenarios.
  • Tournament mode: Try taking the  Team comparatively weaker than your opponent for Tournaments. It will also  help you in competing with only 10 or 9 players in player sent off scenarios (player getting red card) in future.
  • Now try hands on  Manager Mode :  Take teams like Juventus[Serie A] or Celtic [Scottish Premier League]. If you an English Premier League [EPL] then try taking CHELSEA or LIVERPOOL. Restrict yourself from taking teams like Manchester United or Manchester City as they have little scope for growth with star players being present already. Complete 2-3 seasons with whatever record [Win or Loose] and then you will be a better player who can adjust to different scenarios like shortage of players, objectives defined play etc.

Remember that you must save game progress no matter if you loose or win. If not, then you won’t be able to develop the type of approach for higher standards of FIFA game-play. Loosing is important just like winning, you learn new lessons with every loss.   Now you are a normal player with know-how about this beautiful game. But still you need to match-up the International standards for becoming a PRO [ Professional]

Step 1 Increase difficulty to “Normal” and practice in Exhibition mode by taking a team comparatively weaker than your opponent. Play like 5-8 matches with different opponents. Play Tournament mode and try to finish in top 4 at-least. Repeat until you achieve it. Now repeat this for every level of difficulty.

Step 2 Now you have mastered in Tournaments. Let’s talk about the the real game-play basics which many are not familiar with : –


There are TWO aspects of attacking –

First is Vision. You need to know where your players are, which depends on the team and the type of formation you are playing with. Take help of Radar for finding players who are not visible on the screen, so that you can give them a aerial pass or long ground pass blindly with confidence. However, if you play Barcelona FC type of game then you won’t need Radar as their game-play consist of short passes and long possession so all the players are visible on screen itself. In easier words, you need to get use to of the formation and shuffle between the ones you comfortable with.  Different players can play better in different positions. For example, if you place RYAN GIGGS from Left Wing to Right Wing, then he will under-perform as he is a LEFT WINGER.

Second is “Knowing your player’s abilities and qualities“. If you know your player’s plus as well as minus points, then you should try to place him in such a position from where he can create chances as well as score goals. What I am trying to say is that you place him in a balanced position where you can get the maximum out of him, both passing and attacking wise. For instance, if Andrés Ineista is placed at Right Midfield instead of  Central Attacking Midfield [CAM] then he won’t be able to performance to his fullest. Now let’s talk about attacking possibilities.

Look at A zone, it’s the most difficult out of 3 zones and requires practice. You have to use High Kick key to make ball fly over the head of the goal keeper. It requires appropriate power for different angles to get ball into net. FIFA attack zoneLook at B zone, it’s kind of we call ideal or classic position for scoring/ shooting. Need moderate shooting power to score a goal. Take help of direction keys to shoot at different spots of the goal post.

Look at C zone, This zone is all about quick thinking and your first instinct, one slight push to the ball and you get a goal. Just give a tap to shoot key. Even  Aerial Shooting key’s tap or pass key will work here. Too much shooting power will be useless in this zone.   Now, let’s talk about

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Midfield is all about possession, passing and chance making for Forwards. It’s easier to play with teams like Barcelona who have good mid-field players and are designed to play in mid-field. Playing with Barcelona or even Chelsea, you will find one player always ready to receive a pass. But other teams require impeccable movement for surviving mid-field and creating chances for Forwards. If a Winger is making a run then a good drop ball pass can turn into a good chance.

FIFA Tips Midfield

  • You just  need to create gaps by creating pressure on opponents by quick passing in mid-field(you can try TIKA TAKA passing). As the unrest in enemy team’s arises, find gaps and pass through it forward to Strikers[SEE ABOVE]

The Mid-field department of a team also helps in keeping check on possible chances that opponents keep on trying to make by intercepting and giving opportunities to Defenders for getting possession of ball. It overall is the heart of a team.

Passing, which is key element in dominating mid-field. So keep eye on ball and don’t just pass when you receive a ball, look out for gaps and pass to players with least crowd around them or do quick-passing, which you will learn over-time with experience and hard-work.

Last, but not the least, Defending ! Defending is all about blocking, intercepting while keeping in mind that you don’t tackle real hard in PENALTY box else opponent might concede penalty shoot which is puts your goalkeeper in a difficult situation. Odds are in the favour of player taking the penalty kick from the spot, and most likely he will score.

Defending area have 3 zones mainly

Zone 1 – Here, you should not think of passing to your team-mate or goalkeeper as both can be quite dangerous as little push and BALL crosses goal-line. I suggest you to use Long Pass key with half power ( to pass it to some mid-fielder) or full power( for the sake of clearance). FIfa tips defending Zone 2 – Defenders play a vital role in this zone as it all depends upon them in this region. This region test your defensive skills when opponent forward is making his way past your mid-fielders. Either you push ahead to grab the ball from the opponent that is raging towards you with full sprint or fall back to avoid crosses to their counter parts in the wing.

Pushing forward to tackle the ball from the forward can be risky if there are wingers on either side. Chances are that forward will pass to either winger for crosses in the zone 3 to the forward. Make sure you have a defender or two behind you while you push ahead.

Falling back helps block shots on target if a handful of opponent side players are pushing forward for creating and converting chances.

Zone 3 –  In this zone, it’s all about co-ordination between midfielder and defenders for maintaining possession of ball.

  • However, when you encounter an aggressive opponent who dodges you and takes ball forward. Keep on chasing him, instead of giving up, as there is chance of  Goal Keeper saving the shot/ball hitting the goal post and the ball coming back to play without without going outside for a goal kick. You can clear the the ball with one mighty shot[Below Illustration]. If the striker shoots the ball, there is a possibility of it going to X and Y, while W being a Goal. So if he shoots at X or Y, then there is possibility of it being coming back to Z region. So, you should not give up if a striker dodges and moves past you in Zone 3 [ Given above] , and you might experience similar situations as given below.

Fifa tips, defende

  • When a opponent player is running aggressively and out running you on field, try to block his passing possibilities by coming in the way of him and his counter-parts who are waiting to receive a pass for creating chances. This way, he will be forced to change his tactic and will decrease chances of your team conceding goal[ Given BELOW]

FIfa defend tips

What am I missing ?

Ah, yes, I forgot to discuss about free-kicks, which has become more difficult with every new version of FIFA. Your chances of scoring a free-kick depends upon the player as well as the distance between the free-kick position and Goal Post.  I won’t make this post any more long, instead I would give you some youtube videos which have helped me a lot in improving my FREE-kick skills. Check out :  

HERE  [FIFA 07] ;  HERE [ FIFA 09] ; HERE  [ FIFA 10] ; HERE  [ FIFA 11] ; HERE  [FIFA 12 ] ; HERE  [FIFA 13]; HERE  [FIFA 14 ]


Career Mode/ Manager Mode :  Now, enough said about the different components of a football field,  now let’s talk about the FIFA  career mode or what have been called as Fifa manager mode in earlier editions of the game. Fifa  14 career mode have now turned more  realistic than ever with features like Global Transfer Feature which is sort of ice-breaker  for newbies.

Career/Manger mode plays  a crucial role in carving your skills as you have to combat different situations like your start players getting injured or called for international friendly. You are given objectives by Club’s board to complete each season as well as match.

Players to look out for while building your team-

Update List

Attack Mid-field Defender
Drogba Robben Lahm
Cristiano Ronaldo Xavi David Luiz
Falcao J.S. Park Varane
Aguero Stewart Burke(SPL) Thiago Silva
Carlos Tevez Mario Gotze Ramos
Messi James Rodriguez M'baye
Javier Hernández (Chicarito) Paul Pogba Adryan
Álvaro Morata Alex Oxlade Mangala
Romelu Lukaku Kompany BoumSong
Rooney Ribery Puyol
Isco Luka Modric Raphael Varane

The more you try will try to outright your fifa career mode objectives, you will get better in game eventually with your difficult situation management skills improving too .

  Online Multiplayer Mode  Now, how to check that how good I am at FIFA ? The answer is , to PLAY ONLINE with other players or play on LAN. Online/LAN gaming is pretty much different and plays a major role in making you a FIFA gamer with impeccable skills. Things to keep in mind while playing online/LAN

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  • Don’t repeat your moves, as they become readable and your opponent will start dominating the game. Be volatile in your tactics.
  • No need to take weaker team, until and unless you are sure of your skills

FIFA formation

  • Start with 5-3-2 formation for first 25mins to know his game and attack pattern if you playing for the first time with a player. Then after that you can switch to whatever formation you may like. I prefer 4-3-3 personally.More points will be added soon as we start playing FIFA 14

Update: More Fifa tips and tricks will be added periodically

Final words..

There is no rocket science that can make you pro in FIFA overnight. It needs concentration and observation. Former thing is useful in learning while playing with your COMPUTER, while later thing is pretty much useful in learning from your opponents while playing online/LAN.

Just believe in yourself and follow the above given FIFA tips and tricks and in 2-3months you will be a great FIFA gamer. Best Of Luck 🙂

Do you have any FIFA tips and tricks that is not mentioned in this post? Then feel free to share with us, We would love to add it with your name given in credit 😀 !

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