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Facebook Shortcuts that will Save Your Time

Facebook Screenshot

If you are a regular Facebook user then you should consider using keyboard shortcuts to save time (though it strange to see Facebook and saving time in one sentence). Facebook has many cool shortcuts that let you like a photo, comment, create a new message and navigate. Our favourite Facebook shortcut is L to like/unlike a post. You can scroll from one post to another using j and k. Use the Facebook shortcuts given below and surf Facebook like a Pro.

Simple Shortcuts:

j – Move to next post

k – Move to previous post

c – Comment on a post

L – Like/unlike a post

 Multi Key shortcuts:

These shorcuts require pressing modifier key + map key (denoted by #). Different browsers have different modifiers.


Chrome: Alt + #

Firefox: Shift + Alt + #

Internet Explorer: Alt + #, then Enter

Map key:

/ – Search
Enter – Focus on the text box when making a post
0 – Help
1 – Home
2 – Timeline
3 – Friends
4 – Inbox
5 – Notifications
6 – Account Settings
7 – Privacy
8 – About
9 – Terms
m – New Message

Suppose you want to create new message in Google Chrome then press Alt + m

Tell us which shortcut you use most or any shortcut we have missed in the comments below.

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