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DIY: Making Homemade products from Old Packaging of your products

Do you find yourself with all those online order product’s packaging and have no idea of how to deal with them? Then I have few ways to use them to the fullest instead of throwing it away and contributing to already growing pollution. Now put old packaging to good use.

Are you a student who is living on hostel and is pretty tight on expenses or just got a job and rented a flat. In both cases, you have to meet all necessities within a certain budget. How about if you could make those old packaging of yours which came with the books you ordered online.

Lets start with the most basic Homemade product for daily use.

1. Homemade Cup Coaster

Home made Cup coaster

Sounds terrific right? Don’t you hate stains of your coffee mugs or water droplets that comes out of chilled water bottles on your tables?  Just take a piece of cardboard of your old packaging and cut it in any shape and size you want.  You can also cover it with cellophane sheets of any color of your choice to make it water proof.

Homemade Cup coaster

Tape it around the corners to make it more durable and giving boundaries necessary for holding liquid or droplets of water from chilled beverages. It will look like the  image below the title.


Secret tip#: You can even use old CD/DVDs as a cup or table coaster.


2. Homemade Laptop Cooling pad

Laptop heating up and looking for a quick remedy? Then how about making your own Laptop cooling pad. All what you will be needing is a 1 or 2 medium sized cardboard from your old packing boxes, scissor and some sellotape.

Home made Laptop Cooling pad

Learn from comprehensive guide to make Homemade Laptop Cooling pad 


3. Homemade Computer wires holder

It is pretty time consuming when all the computer wires get tangled and  you have to sort them out in case you are moving your computer elsewhere or installing new external hardware like game-pad, projector or external TV tuner card.etc.

All you need is a piece of cardboard vertically greater in length if possible. I am suggesting to go with such dimensions so that one size can be attached with sellotape.

Let me walk you through.

  1. Take a Piece of cardboard, vertically more in length is preferred.
    Home made Wire Holder
  2. Mark 1 cm width and 3-6 centimeter lines which will form rectangular looking shape.
  3. Cut upon those marks.
  4. Now it should looking something similar as given in the picture given below.
    A homemade product, Wire holder
  5. Stick it with sellotape under your table or slip one part of the cardboard plank  under your CPU cabinet if you keep it on your Computer table.
    Home made Wire Holder

Make as much cuts as you want as per you need, but don’t forget to turn off power before dealing with the wires. Children under 16 are advised to take elder’s help while stashing the wires in the holder.



4.  Homemade Key-ring holder

Too many keys and key rings and running out of places to keep it? Then make a key-ring holder by yourself. Its pretty easy to make.

  1. Take another piece of cardboard, but smaller and rectangular is preferred. Size depends on your choice and the number of keys/key rings you expect to hang on it.
    homemade keyring holder
  2. Make marks with pen as shown in the picture. You can make more based on the requirements.
    Making Key ring hanger
  3. Cut based on the marks.
  4. Wrap those cut pieces with sellotape for making it durable as the layers of cardboard won’t dis-integrate. Don’t forget to wrap the hooks as well to provide long life.
    Homemade key ring holder
  5. And it will look something like this. I leave beautifying the key ring holder to your creativity. Agreed that it looks ugly because its the raw edition of my homemade key ring holder.

You can cover it with different color papers and laminate it or draw something on them, its all up to you. Stickers will look cool too.


5. Homemade Wall Hangers for Clothes

Do you want a portable Homemade wall hanger for your clothes which requires no drilling or nailing to the door/wall then this is going to interest you. With the help of just sellotape, scissor and cardboard we are going to make a wall hanger for your your clothes.

  1. Grab a rectangular piece of cardboard, with the height of 25cm and 20cm width.
    Making Clothes Wall hanger at home
  2. Fold it in inverse U shape vertically as shown in the picture from one side. So now its the top side as it will act as a hanger on doors.
    Making Clothes Wall hanger
  3. Now fold the other or we can say, the bottom part of the cardboard in a V shape.
    Clothes Wall Hanger Step#3
  4. Take a vertically long piece of cardboard and put it between the V shape as shown in the picture. I would advice a shorter piece that hte width of main cardboard so that it can be folded and inserted there giving a gap which will come handy in later part.
    Home made Clothes Wall hanger
  5. Wrap the tape around the V shape fold, horizontally as shown in the pic.
    Making cuts in Hanger for Hooks
  6. Now on the front size of the V shape fold, mark the inverse U’s with pen according to your needs for hanging panels for cloths. Cut them based on marks.
    I strongly advice to wrap those hooks with sellotape which you will get after cutting the black parts out for longer durability.(See pic above)
  7. And now hang it on the doors. For giving support to the top part which will go to the other side of door, apply sellotape on it. Stick it like half stays on the hanger and half on the door to give proper support.

    Secret tip: For hanging heavy garments like sweaters and woolen jackets, wrap  a wooden spoon with sellotape behind those hooks, giving it much more stability.

That’s all folks

I am really dazed about what will be the reaction of readers so I am keeping my fingers crossed. This is the most out of the box topic  I have ever thought of beside Homemade cooling for PC.  If you think that you know more then feel free to share with me, I will add them here with your mention.

Do let me if you liked it or not and if you have any doubt or stuck on any step, then feel free to ask via comment box. Again I hope that you like these homemade products.





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