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How to Disable Last Seen in Whatsapp

Whatsapp Last Seen TimeStamp
Sometimes it is really awkward and problematic when you don’t want to show that you have check someone’s message or not, but unfortunately Whatsapp doesn’t have the feature to disable Last Seen in Whatsapp. But don’t worry because I am here to the rescue. After reading this article, you will be able to disable or hide Whatsapp “Last Seen” feature.

Okay, there are two different methods, first is through App and second one is Manual method for users who don’t want to install another app.

Update: You can use the same method for bypassing Blue Ticks that WhatsApp introduced today. What really this app does is that it disables your smartphone’s connection when you open WhatsApp, thus loading messages but not allowing the software to send information of it being read or anything to the servers.

Disable Last Seen in Whatsapp using Apps – Android users

There is a simple app known as “Last Not Seen” that restricts Whatsapp form updating your status about your message reading(i.e. Last Seen). The App is no longer available in Google Playstore so we have separately uploaded it for you on our Cloud account.


How it works ?
It restricts or deactivates your cellphone’s internet connection while your Whatsapp is running on your mobile phone. It doesn’t allow the servers to update your last message reading ( Last Seen) status.

1. First of all, Download and install this App .
2. Open the app and tick “Block Last Seen”

  • Now go to WA and you will notice that you Internet connection has automatically went off .
  • As soon as you leave Whatsapp, it will enable Internet connection of your cellphone.

See, it was easy, isn’t it ? . Now what if you don’ want to use any app for it ? Then don’t worry, we have a manual method too.



Disable Last Seen in Whatsapp using Manual method

1. Disable your cellphone’s Interent and Wifi.
2. Open Whatsapp. Read and send messages.
3. Close WA, now enable Internet and Wifi. As soon as the Internet connectivity re-initialized , WA will synchronize  with the servers and the messages will be sent without the server getting your last online status update.

Disable Last Seen in Whatsapp for Iphone

I am an Iphone user, what to do ? 

Just relax because the latest update of WA for Iphone have “Last Seen Timestamp” option. Simply go Settings>> Advanced>>Last Seen Timestamp  and turn it OFF


Hide whatsapp last seen for Windows phone ?

We still could not find any way to disable last seen on Whatsapp for Windows phone, but don’t worry. We wil update this post with the method as soon as it comes out.

Hide Whatsapp last seen for Blackberry phones ?

However in the past, Blackberry had an app known as OpenWhatsapp for hiding Last Seen, but it has been discontinued by its developers. But stay tuned, we will find some trick for this one too.
What’s your thought about it ? Did you find it difficult or the apps is not running properly, please let us know

Update 2

As you we all know that Facebook has acquired WhatsApp in a  19 billion Aerican Dollar deal.

How do you benefit from it ?

Whatsapp has introduced new Privacy features which consist of

1. Hide Whatsapp Last Seen –  Previously, we required to download third party app for it, but now the feature comes in built in new version of Whatsapp.

2. Hide Whatsapp Profile Photo –  Now you can hide your profile pic from strangers or everyone on Whatsapp .

3. Hide Whatsapp Status –  Don’t want to show your status to strangers? then there is option for that too in this new update.

And the question that, How to Enable Whatsapp new Privacy features?

It’s simple, just go to Settings > Account settings > Privacy settings.

Hope that helps. Happy Chit Chatting !


After two back to back WhatsApp downtimes, WhatsApp is working now. But the twist is that they have removed Last Seen option from Whatsapp privacy settings.

So I would suggest you to stick to above method to hide Whatsapp last seen.

Update 4


The new update of Whatsapp in which you will see two blue ticks beside you message which will show the time when you will read their message. Now the question is.

How to Disable Blue ticks in WhatsApp?

Method remains the same as given above. The WhatsApp servers won’t be notified as the apps cuts off the mobile internet connection when you open WhatsApp thus giving you the liberty of seeing all the messages without getting any hint to the sender of the message about it being read or not.


WhatsApp’s new blue tick mark dilemma?

Single Tick : Message was sent to server
Double Tick (green) : Message was delivered
Blue Double Tick : Message was read

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