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How to Create Ebook from Wikipedia article pages

create ebook from wikipedia pages and articles

eBook made from Wikipedia pages as viewed on Desktop

Have school/college project or homework to complete with the help of information from Wikipedia articles. But want the text in same representation as the Wikipedia page? then why not create ebook from Wikipedia pages and download  as PDF/EPUB on your computer/smart devices.

Often you want to read Wikipedia articles on certain topic of your interest offline or in your leisure time but don’t want to browse through Internet as time consuming. So why not make a book of your desired Wikipedia pages and read it on your devices, Sounds great right? So make an E-book out of Wikipedia article pages

What is Wikipedia?

An open source multilingual free access Internet encyclopedia, supported by non profit Wikimedia Foundation. Founded by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger. Volunteers from all over the world keeps 30 million articles in 287 languages up-to date and accurate.
Anyone can edit the articles and update information with proper reference for accuracy. With 18 billions pageviews per month, its the the fifth most visited site after Yahoo, Facebook, Microsoft and Google.

It is funded by donations campaign organized by Wikipedia every year.



There is no trick needed as the option to do is provided by Wikipedia itself. Follow my lead and you will able create E-book of Wikipedia pages in no time.


How to Create ebook from Wikipedia pages: 

A. Go to Wikipedia page, search for the topic and go to the article page.

B. Now look left of the webpage. You will Scroll down a bit and will see heading Print/Export heading. Under the heading, you will find options like Create Ebook, Download as PDF, Printable Version.

Wikipedia- Print/Export-options

  • If you just want one to download just one particular article, then click on Download as PDF, it will take you to Book Creator page.
  • Or if you looking for quick printable version without the need of copying it to text or word document to avoid other elements of the website ? then Printable version option is the perfect choice. Click on it and you are redirected to website element free article, ready to print.

But if you want to combine many articles and then print it or simply want to make a soft copy for your convenience of reading it offline or other devices then Create a book?is the option to go with. Now we are back to the motive of this article.

Let me make a Book or Ebook for myself, follow me!

1. Now you have clicked on Create book?, now you will be take to new page with option. Click on the green button which says “Star Book creator”. Now its enabled.


2. And its time to search something from Wikipedia search box located the top right of the page. I searched “Battle of Waterloo” and now I am on the article.
You can see a BOX with options of adding this article to your book by just clicking on “Add this page to your book” .

Adding pages to Book in Wikipedia for making Ebook
Once done adding all the pages, you click on the option right next to it will take you to PDF eBook publishing page.

3. You are on “Manage your Book” page from where you can publish your book even into a?Hard Copy(Physical book) by ordering via PediaPress and it will be deviled at your doorsteps.

Managing  book pages in Wikipedia

Set a name for your book, ?subtitle(sub heading), page size, and if you want directory index for the contents of your book then tick the box which says “Include a table of contents
Then in the Download box, various formats are given in which you can download it.

If you confused for which format to download the book in? Here you go.

  1. PDF – If you want to read this on you computer then you should go with this. If you don’t have any application to open PDF? then download and install this freeware PDF reader called SumatraPDF.
    You can view these PDFs in web browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome itself too.
  2. EPUB –Its a recognized E-book format by?International Digital Publishing Forum. ? Any PDF reader both on Desktop, book readers and smart portable devices can read it with or without the help of third party applications.
  3. OpenDocument –Can be opened with any Word processing software(s) like Microsoft ?Word, OpenOffice, LibreOffice.

When you click on Download button after setting the desired format, you will be taken to page like given below. Wait for the rendering, depends on the size of your book. It may take upto 4-10mins or more.



When its done, something like below will appear.


Wikipedia boo rendering finshed

Right click and “save link as ” to save it on your Computer or simply click to open in the browser itself and then save it from the browser PDF reader options. Now you have learnt to create ebook from Wikipedia pages.


That’s all folks


Now I hope that you don’t face any difficulties in creating book or books from Wikipedia pages. If you get stuck on any step then comment your problem below, will help you. Tot Zeins in next post!

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