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How to Create a Bootable Linux USB drive

Create bootable usb linux

Having trouble in creating a bootable usb for linux distro ? It won’t be a problem anymore. Be it Mint, Ubuntu, Debian or any other Linux Operating system, creating a bootable Linux usb made as easy as folding a paper.

No need of DVDs anymore, as you can easily create bootable Linux usb by yourself and install or run live from it. I will teach you with a simple method to create bootable USB for Linux with LiLi USB creator (Linux Live USB creator).

Note: This methods works for almost all Linux distros.


Step – A

Download Linux Live USB creator and install it. Connect your USB drive to the computer.


Step – B

Now you will see a good looking application running on your screen. As you can see “Step 1” named box at the top. Select the appropriate  drive. In the picture below, I have selected “UUI” named drive, which is my USB drive.

Create bootable linux usb


Step – C 

Choose a source for your Linux ISO. You get three options. First being via ISO/IMG/Zip files from your hard-disk, second being loading it from CD.

Create bootable linux usb


Third being the most interesting one – Downloading directly from Internet Automatically.

Or Manually, which is a pretty good thing if a user is not able to find download links online, just you have to select the Linux from the drop-down list and it will give you option to download via your browser or any other download manager.


Step – D #Optional

Note: This step is optional and only used if you going to use Linux as Live USB.

Select the persistent size to at-least 1.5gb if you want to install some extra applications on your Live Linux and want more space to store your  Internet downloads. It also depends upon the size of your flash drive as after we minus Linux distro size, the space left can be used as persistent file size

create linux bootable usb

What is Persistence File Size ?
Ans: It is the amount of space which a Live Linux user gets for storing his information, data downloaded even after the system reboots. In a nutshell, it acts as a mini hard-drive for your Linux where it stores all the necessary things required like your settings, preferences etc.


Step – E

You will see box named “Step 4” with three options as shown in the image.

Live Linux USB cereator

  • Hide the created key: It means that the files installation will be hidden and won’t appear on your pendrive. There you can store some other files if you want and later use it in Linux.
  • Format the key in FAT32: You data on the USB flash drive will be erased, therefore allowing that space to be used in setting up your Linux files on the flash drive.
  • Enable launching LinuxLive in Windows: It is a kind of virtualization  feature like VirtualBox which allows you to run Linux in Windows itself. For more details, you can check out help page.


Final Step !

Now you are all done, simply click on “Lightning” in the “Step 5” box. It will take around 4-10 minutes depending upon the size of your Linux distro. You have done creating bootable linux usb.

Live Linux Usb creator LILI final step

Restart your Computer and boot from bootable USB which you just made from the above tutorial. Now create bootable linux usb of Mint, Ubuntu or any Linux distro. Good Luck!



And for all those who have not tried Linux yet?

Try it now, believe me that you will love the neatness, simplicity and the wide number of options you get. Use the one which suits you the best. Try visiting this community for knowing more about Linux distros. I  hope you enjoy it !


If you are struck at any step or have any kind of doubt, then don’t be shy and ask me via com


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