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How to Create and Download Complete Backup of your Orkut Data?

Sadly, Orkut is going to shutdown on September 30. And as a result we won’t be able to access our Albums, scrap messages, testimonials etc. But wait a minute? How about  if you can download Orkut data  backup and save it on your computer and save your old cherishing  memories.

Orkut was founded in 2004  by Orkut Büyükkökten which was later acquired by Google. It was a social networking site whose user base spread across World like fire, specially Middle Eastern and Asian Countries. It gained a lot of user base until 2007 when Facebook started gripping on the market share.


Why Orkut lost its CHARM and forced Google to shut it down?

  • Lack of privacy: As anyone who viewed your profile was logged as “Profile visitors” which pretty much killed the concept of cyber stalking unlike Facebook.
  • Scraps: This public message system more like CRAP instead SCRAP was of no use as it invaded privacy. And supporting animated GIFs was also a big disaster as many web browsers would hang due to excessive animated GIFs in a single page.
  • Over Customization of Profiles: I know that many users on Facebook want to make it look unique just like in Orkut where you do it extreme levels. However some users had no knowledge about the methods to do the same.
  • Excessive font support: Few different fonts are a delight but too many fonts that are not present on every user’s computer can be a problem as those viewers won’t be able to see those text, but BLOCKS.


There is a simple tool by Google to backup and download Orkut data as well as other Google product known as Google Takeout.

Let me show you to Create and download orkut data backup:

  1. Go to Google Takeouts, if not signed it, then it will ask you to do so.
  2.  The following screen appears. Click on Create Archive button.
    Orkut Information data backup from Google Takeout
  3.  Scroll down and select Orkut.  Don’t forget to un-tick all other options else it will include the data of those services in Backup copy. Next scroll up and click on the read button that says Create Archive.
    Saving Orkut information via Google Takeout
  4. Now, process bar will appear. It will take time depending upon the size of your Backup. Right now, its on heavy-load due to news of Orkut Shutting Down came out.
    Google Takeout processing Orkut Bacup
  5. If you are busy in other works, then you can check your email for notification of your BACKUP being ready for download.
    Google Takeout Email notifying about Orkut Data Backp processing being finished

    Email Notification about backup being ready.

    When you will click on the blue Download  button, it will ask you to log-in again, to prevent from handing your data in wrong hands.
    Google Takeout Signing in

  6. After signing in, download the data which will be containing some HTML files and your Orkut Album’s images which will have
    • Your profile
    • Scraps received
    • Testimonials received
    • Activities
    • Your photos
  7. Download backup from Google Takeout

What if you want to Export Orkut Photo Albums to Google+?

1. Sign into your G+ account, if you haven’t already.
2. Go to
3. Select the albums you want to backup by clicking on them or simply Select All.
4.  Click on Import Selected.

Update 1:

How to Import Orkut friends to Google+ ?

  1. Register an account on Google+, if you haven’t already else ignore this step. Make sure that you use the same email which you were using with Orkut.
  2. And now, go to circles and click on Find People.
    Importing Orkut friends to Google+
  3. Now it will show suggestions based on your email which was attached with Orkut and the friends. If it finds emails of friends which were same on Orkut, it will show suggestion.


Update 2:

If you had Yahoo email associated with your Orkut account, then login with the same credentials for taking the backup. Rest of the method is same as given above.


If you have any problem in dealing following the above steps to Backup Orkut Information then comment below so that we can help.

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