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Copying Files Made Fun

Everybody hates waiting for their computer to do things. Whenever we copy files or download something we see a green progress bar which is not interesting to look. Some people switch to other task leaving the progress bar in background while others simply stare at it/move it around hoping that it would somehow speed things up. To make that waiting time somewhat bearable there is a great application that plays music whenever you copy, move or delete files.

The application is Instant Elevator Music. It plays music whenever you copy, move or delete files. It also works with teracopy, Vmware, 7-zip and installers. In fact, it works with anything that has a progress bar. There is also support for splash screen for Photoshop CS5 and microsoft office. Note that it has not been updated for some time so splash screen support is for limited number of applications. Though  it runs well on Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8. To start with windows just check the box shown below in red.


There is default music but you can add your own list of songs. The songs play in sequential order. The great thing is that it resumes music from where it left the last it ran. So you don’t have to listen the beginning of a song again and again. The supported music formats are: MP3, Windows Media Audio, M4A, FLAC and Ogg Vorbis.


It has some issues that it also plays music when you are watching a video on VLC or youtube. There is an option  to disable it when running iTunes, Winamp or Foobar. But there is no option for other players.

Download Instant Elevator Music

Changing the progress bar

There is an another application called nyan cat progress bar that changes the progress bar to animated nyan cat. There is also also nyan cat music that plays in the background. Unlike Elevator music it does not have the option to add your own songs. There also no installer so you have to extract zip file and run the exe file.


Download Nyan Cat progress Bar

These are not the kind of applications that will greatly boost your productivity. But it will definitely make your waiting time less boring. So what’s your take on this application? Please let us know in the comments.

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