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How to Change Windows 7 Boot Screen Animation

Tired of watching the same animation again and again every time you boot Windows 7? Then you are in luck. There is a very easy way to change Windows 7 boot screen. Windows 7 Boot Updater makes it possible to change boot animation, text as well as background. This application works for all versions of Windows 7: 32bit or 64bit, SP1.

The application works by modifying the BOOTMGR system file. Since the application is in beta version and modifies certain critical system files it is always recommended to backup before using it. Though in our testing we found that the application worked well on a Windows 7 x64 SP1 system without any problems.

The following steps cover how to change Windows 7 boot screen:

Step 1:

Download Windows 7 Boot Updater and unzip it.

Step 2:

Run the application and load boot screen file (.bs7). Some boot screens are given below in the article.

Load windows 7 boot screen


Step 3:

Check that you have loaded correct boot screen using using play. Click ‘Apply’ to to change the boot screen.

windows 7 boot updater


Selected boot screens for Windows 7:

While there are many boot screens out there we have handpicked a few best ones for our readers. The download link is given beside each image. There is also a source link for the author of the respective boot screen.

Update -Links in the below table are updated and working.

No. Name Preview Download Source
1. Android Particle boot screen android-particle-boot-screen Download
2. Trolling Windows 7 boot screen 10-trolling-Windows-boot-Screen Download
3. Need for Speed Run animation nfs-run-boot-screen Download1
4. Windows 7 dial boot screen 4-windows-7-dial Download
5. Aperture Science blue logo 5-aperture-science-blue Download
6. Stargate boot screen 6-stargate-boot-screen Download
7. Windows 7 progress counter 7-progress-counter Download
8. Windows 8 boot screen 8-windows-8 boot screen Download
9. Digital Distribution boot screen digital-distribution Download
10. Windows 7 spiral boot screen 2-Windows-7-spiral Download

More boot skins :

We have listed only selected boot skins. More can be found at the following locations:


Deskmodder Forum (German)


If you liked the article or have any trouble following this article just drop a comment.

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Aamir Rizwan is a passionate blogger and the founder of He likes staying at the top of latest technology. In his free time he enjoys listening music, watching House MD and playing third person shooters.

  • ShuBham Kardile

    Trolling windows loading screen is EPIC ! xD

    • Amaan

      Good to know that you liked it
      Keep Visiting TA !

  • Rohit Jalan

    Sorry, we found no relevant results. its on the DeviantART

    pzz fix it ASAP .. btw nice work bro will post it in group

  • Rohit Jalan

    can you give me the original animation .. need it

    • Which boot screen? Go to source you will find original animation if given by author.

  • Pretty awesome! I’ve heard a ton and done it on my Android phones, but never actually knew that we can do this in Windows 7 also! Great share Aamir!

  • Vivek Upadhyay

    If there’s any boot screen regarding Batman or Justice League please post it.

    • I could not find any batman boot screen. But I can make on if you find a good animated gif(at least 200x200px and >3sec ).

  • Pravin Singh

    Hello,I cannot run the software called “Win7BootUpdater”.I downloaded it from many sites but the same problem persists.The probl;em is that when I click to run the software there is NO RESPONSE.

    • This program requires .NET framework 4. Windows 7 comes with only .NET framework 3.5

  • timekiller

    This is not working with 64bit windows because i have windows 7 professional and it don’t load all the files and shows an error in the last.

    • According to the author of this tool this may happen if you have or previously had installed Windows 8. The Windows 8 bootmgr replaces Windows 7’s bootmgr causing this problem.

      • timekiller

        and how to solve this problem and yeah I do have install Windows 8. is there anyway I can solve this? Thanks for Reply

        • No method to solve this at the moment. The author is working on a fix. It is on his Todo list but the tool has not been updated for some time. I will try contacting him.

          • timekiller

            OK thanks 🙂

    • Rajat

      i am also facing this prblm plz help me realy I need to change my boot screen

    • shambo001

      even i have the same situation but i hav a question for u
      hav u installed win 8 previously?
      if so ,
      format c drive and especially da small unknown space left for free when the time u hav partiond the hard disk and load win 7

      and u can success fully load the boot screen

      • timekiller

        well I do have installed windows 8 previously.
        And that mean I have reinstall my Windows 7 right?

        • If you had previously installed Windows 8 but now removed it then you can change your boot screen if you can restore Windows 7 boot loader. Re-installing Windows 7 will do it but there is an easier way:
          Method 1: Boot from Win 7 DVD and do a startup repair.
          Method 2: Boot from Win 7 DVD and launch the command prompt. Then execute these:
          >bootrec /fixmbr
          >bootrec /fixboot
          >bootsect /nt60 all
          (Be cautious when using these commands as it might render your system unbootable)

          • timekiller

            THANKS FOR THE INFO. 🙂

    • Christian Theodorus

      yep, i had this too

  • timekiller

    it’s not working with 64 bit because i have windows 7 professional (64bit) and in the end this pop up

  • techman

    Is there a post regarding how to create ones own boot logo? if there is it would be great if u could provide a link in the above post 🙂

  • kranthi

    i have done all u hav said and it says successfull loaded but when i restarted its nt geting affected

    pls help me

  • Thomas

    thx , working perfect with win7pro x64
    got my designers make med som 3D animations , but can the animation be bigger than 200×200

  • Adlee Luffy II

    Hi,when i start my computer boot dosen’t show,but computer starts normal pls help.Thank you.

  • aila

    if you find a Code Lyoko boot screen please post it

  • huza

    my boot dont show… help

  • Eric Dean Sundell, Esq

    This is not working with 64bit windows because i have windows 7 ultimate on my laptop, and i get the following error: the bootmgr path in the bcd is either invalid or is a not yet supported type. never had 8 on it at all…help!

  • Jaad Antoun Tannous

    i’ve changed the text and it wouldn’t show, why is that and how can i fix it?

  • Anan Pixels

    thank you so much

  • german

    it works perfectly on my desktop but i can’t see the reason why the software is not responding every time i open it, i even try to download on a different sites but nothing seems to change please help anyone who knows how to

  • Prajwal Mohan

    thank you. it worked on windows 7 professional 32 bit 🙂

  • Jimmy Verreault

    See what’s happen when is done 🙂

  • Madush

    Thanks Is Working

  • Kevin

    Every time i launch it is say it cant find things like error when finding winresume.exe and others any suggestions would be much appreciated

    • Amaan

      Would you mind posting a screenshot of the error? Thanks.

  • youcef Pain

    how i fix that plz!?

  • Intel Inside

    It says 403 forbidden

  • Mv

    what are dangers in doing this process

  • Kerigan Creighton

    When I tried it, my computer booted into automatic repair

    • Kerigan Creighton

      I made a restore point but when i tried reverting to it it didnt work

  • Michael Pittman

    I can’t use this because none of these animations are available for 8:5 display ratio. They’re all stretched.