Create and Add subtitles to Videos Easily

Often understanding the audio of a video in a language other than your native language in unfamiliar accent can be difficult.  Therefore adding subtitles to videos becomes a necessity.  Similarly, if you are into video production and often need audio dictation for tutorials among others then subtitles comes in handy. You can add subtitles to videos easily within few minutes with free tools. We can either make separate subtitle files or embed subtitles into the video.  The former comes in … [Read more...]

How to Hide Desktop icons in Windows, Mac when not in use

A lot of icons, folders and files might be lying on your desktop. All very important and might be needed for references to your work or anything. Therefore you cannot move delete/move them but want to enjoy the beauty of your wallpapers as well. How about if you could hide desktop icons when not in use and get them back with a click, keyboard shortcut or simple a mouse hover on the desktop? Learn to make make your desktop icons disappear when not in use. How to Hide desktop icons in Windows … [Read more...]

How to Recover Deleted files in Windows and Linux for Free

Deleted your files and photos by accident? then let me show you how to recover them for free. Sometimes you accidentally delete files by pressing Shift+ Delete on the keyboard. You start panicking and try to press undo buttons like Ctrl + Z on the keyword for them to come back from the thin air, but they don't. You can either sit and regret about it or follow this post to recover them quickly as possible. First thing first Do not place any file at the location/folder from where you want to … [Read more...]

Hi Readers ! Help me win this Guest Blogging Contest !(CLOSED)

Heya ! For the first time I'm participating in a  Guest Blogging Contest which is organised by  BloggingCage and I need your valuable help to win the competition. Actually it's not a lottery or judging system. All the participants have to  submit a Guest Post and have to gain more points in order to win. I have submitted my article and it’s about "6 unbeatable tips to enhance your Website/Blog Seo" . Points Distribution 1 Like – 2 points. 1 Tweet – 5 points. 1 Stumbleupon – 5 … [Read more...]