Best Smartphone Under 15000 INR in 2015 so far

Confused of which smartphone to buy because of the gazillion options available in the market? Then I am here to help you take out of the dilemma. We will try to explain every aspect what you should look for an ideal smartphone for yourself, and then you decide by yourself that which is the best smartphone under 15000 INR for you. New smart cellphone models with better technology are coming into the market every quarter so it becomes difficult to choose the best smartphone for yourself. We have … [Read more...]

How to play Flappy Bird Online for free

Having trouble playing Flappy Bird on your Smartphone ? Then why not play it on your Laptop/Desktop. Yes you have heard it right. Now play Flappy Bird online for free on  your Computer, Laptop or Smart Devices itself. After testing almost 50 variants of the games available online to play Flappy Bird online for free. I cut it down to 3 websites which I found  most suitable and close to original Flappy Bird game that came on Smartphones. Best websites to play Flappy Bird online  for free … [Read more...]

How to Disable Last Seen in Whatsapp

Sometimes it is really awkward and problematic when you don't want to show that you have check someone's message or not, but unfortunately Whatsapp doesn't have the feature to disable Last Seen in Whatsapp. But don't worry because I am here to the rescue. After reading this article, you will be able to disable or hide Whatsapp "Last Seen" feature. Okay, there are two different methods, first is through App and second one is Manual method for users who don't want to install another … [Read more...]

Angry Birds for Free !

Angry Birds gamed developed by Rovio Entertainment , inspired b y the sketch of metonym wingless birds. The first version came in 2009 ,December which was released for Apple's iOS only, but after seeing 12 million downloads, developer decided to release it for other smartphone OS like Android, Windows, Symbian etc. Now that you have skipped the first paragraph as you find it boring, so now  let's move to the interesting part below !   Searching for Angry birds game for free to play … [Read more...]

Xperia Z tablet

Image Credit: Sony Mobile Sony has always been at the forefront of product evolution in terms of design and technology. The Sony Xperia Z Tablet is a testament to just that. The brand's first effort - the Sony Tablet S - hardly set the world on fire and since its lackluster launch in 2011 a broader selection of tablets has emerged. The next-gen Sony Xperia Tablet S was also a rather average device, but the new version is turning tables. Only Google is genuinely contesting the Apple iPad 4 with … [Read more...]

Is the Galaxy S3 better than the Iphone ?

"SmartPhones are making people dumber" That might be true,but how Smartphone makers like Apple is making you dumber by selling you overpriced phones is something new. "Is the Galaxy s3 better than the Iphone ? " In this article I'm going to prove that Samsung Galaxy S3 is better than Apple's latest Iphone 5. I know many won't agree,and an army of Apple fans will start hating me for this article,but the truth is truth baby ;) . It's not about the cost difference alone,its actually … [Read more...]

Best Android Phone Under 15000

You must have went through suggestions of many of your friends and relatives while choosing your new or first smartphone. But hang on a second, did you read this article ? Accept that it's not an easy task to make a choice in the today's market, where considerable number of options are available to choose from. In this article I am going to discuss about the Android phones under the budget of 15000 which are really bang for your bucks. I have not taken help of any other reviews like many other … [Read more...]