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Find out the Best Media Player for You

Free Best media players for windows and linux
You must be tired of slow and Irritating Windows Media player?, which is provided by default with any version of  Windows operating system which is highly modified to match up with its OS. Most of the times, it is ineffective in playing a video or song because they lack audio/video codecs that are required to play your desired video and music. It’s the right time to shift to a new media player which will give you a better viewing as well as music listening experience.

Let me give a glance at different media players and let you choose the best media player which suits your needs. !

And here we go..


1. Daum’s Pot Player

media player pot

It has pretty much of every feature that a video player can have. I sincerely liked this Korean media player for its lightness in operations and assortment in features that this free media player provides. And the biggest factor of it being completely non-commercial, therefore no advertisements of any sort during installation or after that.
This modest looking media player comes with an on screen audio-equalizer and is pretty agile in functioning. It gives a stiff competition to very eminent player VLC( Video Lan Corporation )

What I liked about it –

  • Resource : Less resource usage, even on 720p + videos.
  • Video Processing : Better Video Processing shades as compared to any other player.
  • Statistic Representation : FPS meter and video resolution indicator below the side playlist that comes handy in determining the quality of VIDEO/AUDIO being played and setting up correct aspect ratio for the screen accordingly
  • Quick in acting on user reported bugs : Daum’s team ( the creator’s of the player ) is known for fixing any kind of bugs/errors in a pretty less time by releasing updated version. They keep an eye on their official page’s comments  on Videohelp and CNET for getting feedback and suggestions for improvisation.
  • Open-Source – No advertisements of any sort. Completely free.
  • Subtitle Explorer : Unlike any other video player, it has whole subtitle menu where you can jump to the right subtitle for the scene if they are not synced properly.

What I did not like about it –

  • Online Video Streaming : Video streaming is a bit cranky
  • No English based Forums : Official forums are in Korean language, so it is kind of difficult to directly report them bugs or find solutions for your problems by interacting with the users there, but it is not really a con as they keep a tab on well-known forums for getting feedback as said earlier.


Supported Operating Systems Windows
Download POT player from  HERE
Available for Free and Open-source


2. KM player

KM player media player


This pretty jam-packed with features video player is making a lot of noise because of its in-player internet browser which is quite velvety is streaming videos online via YouTube.

Whatever you want? You get it in this player. Ranging from 3D controls to in-video effects like Grayscale, Motion blur, Sharpness, Vertical UV filters, etc.

The YouTube like thumbnail preview of your video is one of its kind which no other decent player comes, in my knowledge.

The thing I liked the most about is its ability to play YouTube Videos with availability of different qualities just like normal version.  You can even add now retired from development, Winamp’s plugins too.

What I  liked about it –

  • In-Built Online Browser – View any YouTube video just by searching them from left search bar in the player itself.
  • Apps availability – Adds more functionality  to your video player with additional plugins.
    But beware of bad un-optimized plugins which will make your media player slow and irritating. KMplayer also supports Winamp’s plugins.
  • Advanced and basic Video Effects :  Want to live old memories again? Then add effects like Grayscale to your video
    There are many more effects like Motion Blur, Vertical-Horizontal UV filter and etc.
  • Video Aspect Ratio Option : You can change the aspect ratio of the video from options like 16:9 , 4:3 etc from Screen Controls by right Clicking on the video.
  • 3D picture menu : Enable or Disable 3D effects of your movie. You can even add same effects on non-3D video.
  • Thumbnail Overview of Videos : If you want to have a look the earlier or later parts of the video, but don’t want
    KM player to skip the current playback, then simply hover your mouse pointer over the stream and get the Thumbnail view, frame by frame just like YouTube videos.
  • Add Multiple subtitles : Suppose, you downloaded TWO different subtitles for the same movie, but not sure that which is the best, so add both of them and switch with assigned HOT KEYS between the two. It has Subtitle explorer just like Pot Player.

What I did not like –

  •  Annoying Ads : The biggest drawback is  annoying ads. Although most of them can be closed, but the one in the RIGHT Browser is kind of annoying.
  • Ads and Sponsored Trails filled Installation :  Watch-out while installing this media player as you can unknowingly install sponsored trial software. I would advice you to do a manual install.



Supported Operating Systems Windows
Download KM player from  HERE
Available for Free but supported by Ads



3.  VLC player


VLC player review

VLC media player, which is commonly known as VLC  was first created as an academic project in 1996 by the students at École Centrale Paris. Then later released in 2001  as a free media player for cross-platforms which consisted a number of free decoding and encoding libraries. Said to be the best media player of its time( still among the best).

This media player needs no introduction. Known for its versatility and is the most popular media player. It play almost any kind of media file.

It is said to be the Inspiration for all the open-source, freeware media players.

 What I liked about it –

  • Ease of operation – Easy to operate with big media buttons being visible. Not much of hidden options. Everything is there in-front of the user.

  • Versatility – Can play almost any type of media file be it damaged audio or video. You just name it !

  • Availbility of Add-ons/Plugins – If you need extra capabilities then you have whole range of add-ons/extensions available on the official VLC website. VLC extensions like Lyrics mode and YouTube playlist are topping the chart there.
  • Active forum support – In case of you having any issues or want to give suggestion for improvement, you can join the official forum and stay updated with the latest developments of the player.

What I did not like –

  • No Subtitle menu – Not really a minus point, but some times you need to jump to a specific quote because of ill-synced subtitles, then this menu feature comes handy.
  • Playlist is not good –  Unlike Pot player, you almost whole screen covering the playing video which turns into thumbnail sized while you browsing through your playlist.
    If on week-end, I decided to watch up TV shows and then have difficult going through the episodes if I forgot Episode number then it would be real irritating to find it with Thumbnail sized video playback with Playlist on.


Supported Operating Systems Windows – Linux – Unix – Mac OS X – Android
Download VLC player from  HERE
Available for Open-source – Free



4. Media Player Classic Home Cinema


Media Player Home cinema review

Looking for  simple and real fast player? Then this one is for you .

Does it look familiar? Why wouldn’t it be . It is the mimic of Microsoft’s  Old Windows Media Player 6.4 which first came out with Windows 95.

But this open-source player is much more advanced and a lot of capabilities have been injected to it as compared to the old one.

What I liked –

  • Lightning Fast Operations  –  Yes, you heard it right. The operations are real fast. Be it adding other videos by dragging or simply switching between different videos from playlist.
  • One player for all – Simple to operate, therefore any of your family member who are not that much familiar with computers can easily use it for watching movies, TV serials, etc.
  • Always on Top Custom Size Playlist – If you add a whole list of Movies, or episodes of a Telvision show, then just keep checking different videos without hiding the playlist window.
    It can be attached to any side of screen too.
  • After Playback feature – Shutdown, Hibernate, Standby, Log-off or LOCK your PC after playback with this simple yet useful feature.

What I did not like –

  • No subtitle sync option – What If subtitles are not synced and you want to do it manually? Sorry, but that’s not possible here.

You can add a huge factory of codecs by downloading K-Lite codec pack with which you get Media Player Home Cinema included. Grab it from HERE


Supported Operating Systems Windows
Download UM player from  HERE
Available for Open-source – Free



5. UM player


UM player review

Liked Media Player classic for its responsiveness ?. But as it lacks some features like subtitle sync and others, you thinking of giving it a miss?, well then don’t !. UM player to the rescue with the features that you felt missed out in MP-HC. .

Built on same framework that of Media Player Home Cinema  with add-ups in looks and features which gives you a an all-round performance. Equalizer is kind of heavy as it stopped the video for a second when tried opening it.

Can we call it a show stopper here? Let’s have a look.

What I liked –

  • Responsive – Pretty fast in performance, just like Home Cinema.
  • Packed with Features – Online Video streaming with a search bar included.
    Handful of attributes both in Audi and Video drop down menu. Give it a try!
  • Inbuilt Subtitles finder – Forgot to download subtitles for your movie/TV show? Not a problem. Just click on Find subtitles on icon on top bar in the player and get subtitles in different languages.
  • Still Uncomplicated – With loads of features, still it is quite easy to use and make the most out of it. Media buttons being clearly visible for convenience.

What I did not like –

  • Problem with MKV files (sometimes) – The audio goes out of sync some times in MKV videos which can be synced with hotkeys provided for the purpose.
  • Delay in Online Streaming – Delay of about 10-20 seconds in streaming. In my opinion, that might be for smooth play of the videos to avoid buffering.


Supported Operating Systems Windows – Mac OS – Linux(Debian and RPM)
Download Media Player Home Cinema from  HERE
Available for Open-source – Free



Why I did not included Winamp?

As it is going to shut down operations and further development from 20th of December and I think its time to move on. So if you are reading this post shutdown date, then download any version of Winamp from : HERE


Enough of Reading, Time to Try !

Before you start trying the best Media players out there, just remember that don’t download addons/ extension from unknown sites as they might contain malicious codes.

Did I miss out any player? Then do let me know by commenting the name of it !

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