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Best Chrome Extension of 2013

Best Chrome Extensions


So here I am with the best chrome extension  that you must have in your Chrome browser that will make take your internet surfing experience to a whole new level. We compiled a list extension  for Chrome users ranging from a casual internet user to a power internet user like me.

I have been using these for many months and they have surely enhanced my internet browsing experience . So lets have a look at the Best Chrome Extensions that you must have in your Google Chrome Browser !


1. Ad-block Plus     #Recommended from our Editorial Team

Downlaod link: HERE

Best chrome extensions

While surfing Internet , you come across pop-up/ block  ads on sites? It not only is annoying but also increases bandwidth usage as well as slows your page loading time. So install this awesome extension to get maximum out of your Online activity .


2. Currency Converter  – Auto  #Recommended from our Editorial Team

download: HERE

Currency Converter Chrome product listing with my local Indian Rupee currency price. CHanged automatically as I have set.

You prefer shopping online ? or you compare product prices of different online shopping portals, but again and again you have to use Google for converting current the price to your local currency. From now on, you won’t have to take this converting pain as you have automatic currency converter your desired currency. Simply let the page load, it will replace the currency after converting your local currency as shown in above screenshot.

Just set your desired currency to which it will convert and show the value in.


3.  Google Dicitionary

download: HERE

Best Chrome Extension

Simply click on a word to get the meaning.



Okay ! This one is one of the best for extension for a serious internet user, for knowing the meaning of an English word, simply select the word and get the meaning in pop-up there itself.


Also Check out –  iOS Like Edge Bounce Effect in Google Chrome


4. Google Quick Scroll

download: HERE

After you click on one of the Google results, you are directed to that page, and have hard time finding the thing you search for. This extension automatically scrolls down to the text and highlights that search term  in the page .

Google Quick Scroll





So now you won’t have hard-time in finding relevant matter to your search on a webpage


5. Google  SearchPreview

download: HERE
Google SearchPreview





Being a hardcore Googler you want to save time while searching for something? then this extension is right choice for you. Get preview of the page in Google search results itself .


6. IE tab    #Recommended from our Editorial Team
Download : HERE

Some sites still function properly only in Internet Explorer, so you forecfully have to use IE for opening those websites which is a hell of a irritation. But with IE tab, any of your Chrome browser tab will emulate Internet Explorer for a particular site’s proper functioning. Options of different IE available  (IE6, IE7, IE8, or IE9).


7.  Google Mail Checker
Download: HERE
mail Mail Checker Chrome



If you are a Chrome check, then most probably you will be a Gmail user too. If you got a new email, then it will show a popup. Just click on the Gmail icon, a new tab will open with your unread/new emails.


8. Panic Button
Download: HERE
Panic Button Chrome


Suddenly an unwanted visitor or situation arises, so hide all your tabs with a click, then restore them later. Now  no need to panic when you need to hide tabs!


9. Google Translate

Download: HERE
Google Translate Chrome


Although there is an inbuilt translator in  Chrome, but it isn’t effective as we need,      most of the times it fails to translate even simple distant languages. Use this Translator from Google in your browser to swiftly translate almost any language in the language of your convenience.


10. Downloads button
Download: HERE

Download button Chrome



Quickly access the downloads by clicking on the button. Now no need to think again of switching to Firefox again as its latest version as similar feature that have been praised by the internet users.


11. PicMonkey

Download link: HERE

Best Chrome Extension

Click to Zoom





Now grab any picture from any site and start editing it in the browser itself. You have the option to upload images from computer itself for editing too.


12. ViewThru
Downlaod link: HERE

Curious to know where the short URL is taking you to ? then ViewThru is for you. You just hover over the short-URL and see the actual address of it or we can say where it’s redirecting to.


13. HTTPS Everywhere
Download link : HERE
a popular extension for safe browsing. It automatically changes HTTP URLS to  HTTPS ones transfering them to secure line.


14 . Click&Clean 7.9
Click and Clean chrome





Download link : HERE

Clear browser history, cache, cookies just like traditional method, but with a click at glance. Addtionally you get media cache tool which allows you to to acesss your watched videos from sites like  Vimeo, MetaCafe etc.

Bonus: Clean your hard disk, scan for virus, search for Malware just like CCleaner .


15. Awesome screenshot   #Recommended from our Editorial Team
Download link : HERE
Awesome screenshot for chrome





A must have extension for a internet power user. Capture whole page, or just a part of page. The screenshot taken then opens in new tab with standard editing options before saving it on your computer.


16. Wikipedia Companion
Download link : HERE
Wikipedia Companion for Chrome





Want to gather information about something at glance and thinking of searching for it on Wikipedia? then just click on the icon and search without waiting for a new tab to open separately for it.



17. TooManyTabs for Chrome

Download link: HERE
Best Chrome Extension





Tons of tabs left open in your browser and now you having hard time recognizing tabs as the name is hidden?. Use this extension to see all tabs in a tab at a glance and choose the one you want to resume.


18. dotEPUB

Downlaod link: HERE

Convert any webpage to eBook format and read it later on your eBooks, tablets, or offline later. It will be converted to ePUB format which can be easily opened via any PDF viewer.


19. AutoPager
Download link: HERE
AutoPager for Chrome





Don’t want to get interrupted due to page loading ? then install this auto-pager which loads the next page of a website vertically downwards without the need of user command. Now enjoy searching in Google.


Looking for the 20th Extension ?, so here it is..

Feeling annoyed or want to manager your Google Chrome extensions with a click? , then download this  Extension Manager


Did I miss any cool Google Chrome Extension? then share with us via comment.

How much did your Internet surfing benefited from these chrome extensions, please share with us !


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