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Automatically download and install software

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Whenever you do a fresh install of Windows or buy new PC you have to go through one tedious task. Which is to download and install software that are essential to run your PC. Downloading and installing latest version of each software takes a lot of time. Moreover some software installers are like riddles. One wrong move and your home page will be replaced by a shady search engine, computer will be filled with toolbars you  don’t want or other crap-ware.

Thankfully there is great software called Ninite which do all the work for you. You just have to visit its homepage. Select your favourite softwares. Download the multi application installer and run it.  Now just sit back and relax. It will install and update everything without any interrupts.

Here is the summary of the steps:

Step 1:

Visit and select you favourite applications. (Ubuntu users go here )


Step 2:

Download the installer and run it.


Step 3:

There  is no step 3. Were you expecting one ? Just relax or do some other work and let the installer install the softwares.

What we liked about it

  1. No interrupts, completely automated.
  2. If you already have a software it will update it.
  3. It parallely downloads one software and installs the other. Hence its fast.
  4. No need to worry about unwanted toolbars. It will automatically skip it for you.
  5. 64 bit version of the software will be installed if it is available when you are on a 64 bit OS.

What we didn’t like

  1. Software setups are deleted after install. Not an ideal solution for people with slow connections.
  2. Both 32 and 64 bit Java are installed on a 64 OS. Maybe a pro for some people.
  3. Limited selection of softwares. We could not find our favourite PotPlayer.


To save you time even more. Here is a link of applications I normally install on a new PC. It will instal chrome, everything, firefox, foobar, imgburn, java, klitecodecs, notepadplusplus, opera, picasa, revo, skype, sumatrapdf, teamviewer, utorrent, windirstat, and winmerge. Download

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