launched in India

For all the Online Indian shoppers out there, there is a very good news for you, but a panic attack for all the Indian shopping sites who victimize innocent  Indian Online shoppers. Long awaited Online Mega Retail-store's plan of entering Indian market has finally turned into reality with it's launch of  some hours ago. By the time you finish reading this post, it may get indexed by Google too.           Previously Amazon … [Read more...]

FIFA vs PES [Infograph]

The long going online/offline war between Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) and  EA sport's FIFA can take a break now! . Na, you guessed it wrong, neither of them have won the battle, instead it's time to look at the respective game's history through this cool info-graph. Myself being a fan of both FIFA and PES, publishing an article like this was a tough thing. With the release of FIFA 13 and PES 13, the debate over the supremacy has gone even further. So let's not waste any more time and look at … [Read more...]

How to Disable Facebook sounds? [Notifications]

Recently the social networking giant Facebook launched the "notification sound" which produced a "beep" sound as soon as you get a notification. It is actually a great way to keep you updated on what's happening in your Facebook profile. On the other hand, it becomes annoying when you keep on receiving these notification sounds continuously from Facebook. Don't worry, there is simple way to disable it itself from Facebook settings. Follow the small tutorial given below to check it out ! On … [Read more...]

How to play FIFA online ? [Solved]

Want to play FIFA online without making an EA account?, but never been able to ?  Then from now onward, you won't face this problem again because I know an old and simple yet unknown way to do it. Don't worry, it is completely legit and thousand of gamer's around the globe are using to play against their friends and strangers for fun/increasing skills. Besides that, it not only work for FIFA, but for all online playable games too !  All you have to do is download GameRanger  and follow the … [Read more...]

Internet Addiction really exists ? [Infographic]

Are we really addicted to Internet ? or Internet addiction is just termed coined by internet critics ? With sites like Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, Google taking over our Online lives. Kids use it for completing their assignments, and the older teens use it for gaming,  socializing online etc. It has become medium for millions of users to live a secondary life online through Secondlife, Facebook etc. Now enough of talking, let the info-graph do rest of the talking . Click to … [Read more...]

10 Free Software Download Sites

Want to download free software or it's free trials ?, but don't get reliable site for it?,  Then keep reading because I'm going to tell you about some sites that I have came across in my entire internet experience from where I download known softwares as well as explore new softwares . So let us start from my favorite tech softwares download side.   1. → Visit site HERE A site that I came across around 6 years back.A well organized site with lots of … [Read more...]

How to disable Facebook seen feature ?

Ever got into a socially unavoidable circumstance due to Facebook seen feature in chat? . This feature was introduced about a half year ago by the social networking giant Facebook. Sometimes I also feel that this Seen feature on Facebook is annoying. Its really suffocating when you don't want your friend to know whether you are AFK(Away from Keyboard) or you're ignoring him. In other words, when you wanna know the same its actually useful. But still people like us want some way out for our … [Read more...]

Is the Galaxy S3 better than the Iphone ?

"SmartPhones are making people dumber" That might be true,but how Smartphone makers like Apple is making you dumber by selling you overpriced phones is something new. "Is the Galaxy s3 better than the Iphone ? " In this article I'm going to prove that Samsung Galaxy S3 is better than Apple's latest Iphone 5. I know many won't agree,and an army of Apple fans will start hating me for this article,but the truth is truth baby ;) . It's not about the cost difference alone,its actually … [Read more...]

Hi Readers ! Help me win this Guest Blogging Contest !(CLOSED)

Heya ! For the first time I'm participating in a  Guest Blogging Contest which is organised by  BloggingCage and I need your valuable help to win the competition. Actually it's not a lottery or judging system. All the participants have to  submit a Guest Post and have to gain more points in order to win. I have submitted my article and it’s about "6 unbeatable tips to enhance your Website/Blog Seo" . Points Distribution 1 Like – 2 points. 1 Tweet – 5 points. 1 Stumbleupon – 5 … [Read more...]

Best Android Phone Under 15000

You must have went through suggestions of many of your friends and relatives while choosing your new or first smartphone. But hang on a second, did you read this article ? Accept that it's not an easy task to make a choice in the today's market, where considerable number of options are available to choose from. In this article I am going to discuss about the Android phones under the budget of 15000 which are really bang for your bucks. I have not taken help of any other reviews like many other … [Read more...]