Copying Files Made Fun

Everybody hates waiting for their computer to do things. Whenever we copy files or download something we see a green progress bar which is not interesting to look. Some people switch to other task leaving the progress bar in background while others simply stare at it/move it around hoping that it would somehow speed things up. To make that waiting time somewhat bearable there is a great application that plays music whenever you copy, move or delete files. The application is Instant Elevator … [Read more...]

Windows 8.1 Download Link and Product Key

Update: The key given in this article is for preview version of Window 8.1. It will only work with the ISO images of preview version given below. Update 2 (Oct 17,13): The final version is out for general public ! Go get windows 8.1. If you have installed the preview version then upgrade instructions are given here. If you are on Windows 8 device just click this link to upgrade. If for some reason you are not getting the upgrade option in live store read this. Microsoft has just released the … [Read more...]

How to Increase Torrent Speed ?

Torrents are best way to download large files. Torrent use Bittorrent protocol which is has several advantages over traditional client server file sharing. In spite of this many user complain of slower speed when using torrent compared to direct HTTP/FTP download. The problem is that most people do not know the basics of this protocol or have their Bittorrent client misconfigured.  This guide is divided into 2 sections. Click to navigate quickly: I)  Bittorrent basics II) Top 10 ways to … [Read more...]

Automatically download and install software

Whenever you do a fresh install of Windows or buy new PC you have to go through one tedious task. Which is to download and install software that are essential to run your PC. Downloading and installing latest version of each software takes a lot of time. Moreover some software installers are like riddles. One wrong move and your home page will be replaced by a shady search engine, computer will be filled with toolbars you  don't want or other crap-ware. Thankfully there is great software … [Read more...]

iOS Like Edge Bounce Effect in Google Chrome

Edge bounce effect is an iconic feature. For the uninformed, this a feature in Apple's iOS devices. When you scroll past edge of content you will get a gray background and the content will bounce back like a rubber band or a spring.  Like all features this is also patented by  Apple ( Patent No. 7,469,381 ). This effect can be achieved in chrome using an extension called Chromium Wheel Smooth Scroller. Just install this extension and this effect will be enabled on all pages. Here is an … [Read more...]

20 Stunning themes for Windows 7 and Windows 8

Here is a list of 20 stunning themes for windows 7 and windows 8. All the themes are hand-picked by us. Only one wallpaper from each theme is shown but each theme contains at least 10+ wallpapers. Download links are given below each theme. Tell us which theme you like most in the comments. 1. Germany: Mountains to Sea theme Download 2. Magic Landscapes theme Download 3. Impressions from Schleswig-Holstein theme   Download 4.Forests … [Read more...]

How to Create Windows 8 Bootable USB Drive

If you want to install Windows 8 and don't have a  DVD drive then don't despair. Windows 8 can be installed from a USB drive. You just have to create a Windows 8 bootable USB drive. There are many ways to do it. You can even do it from command line without any software. But here I'm going to tell the easiest method that requires only a few clicks of mouse. Note: This method works for both Windows 7 and Windows 8. Step 1: Download Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool and install it. This tool is … [Read more...]

Facebook Shortcuts that will Save Your Time

If you are a regular Facebook user then you should consider using keyboard shortcuts to save time (though it strange to see Facebook and saving time in one sentence). Facebook has many cool shortcuts that let you like a photo, comment, create a new message and navigate. Our favourite Facebook shortcut is L to like/unlike a post. You can scroll from one post to another using j and k. Use the Facebook shortcuts given below and surf Facebook like a Pro. Simple Shortcuts: j - Move to next … [Read more...]

Top 10 Windows 8 Features You Don’t Know

Windows 8 the latest version of  Microsoft's Windows operating system has many new features. Some of these are minor improvements to existing features. Others are entirely new. Many sites have already posted list of new features. But most of them are only about new touch gestures or metro interface. Here is a list of top 10 features that are really useful: 1. Easy screenshots Up till now to take screenshot you would press Prt-Sc and paste the result in Paint or any other image … [Read more...]