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For all the Online Indian shoppers out there, there is a very good news for you, but a panic attack for all the

Indian shopping sites who victimize innocent  Indian Online shoppers.

Long awaited Online Mega Retail-store’s plan of entering Indian market has finally turned into reality with it’s launch of  some hours ago. By the time you finish reading this post, it may get indexed by Google too. site

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Previously Amazon made a small entry through their Indian Shopping sites search engine portal named through which Indians could search for products and see the pricing of all Indian shopping sites at one place.

While you enjoy browsing through the products on Indian version of which right now only have books. Let us point out the top problems faced by Indian online shoppers while shopping online

1.  High Price – Often charge as same as offline stores, except when you’re lucky or smart enough to find a coupon code.
2. Delay in shipping – One of the major problem in case of majority of Indian shopping sites.
3.  Wrong Shipment – I have heard that Flipkart, the most reputed indian shopping portal once  shipped an empty box of SAMSUNG IV without the phone itself. On calling Customer Care, the CC advised to accept the shipment and later they will ship the phone, what an irony !

4. Authenticity of Sites – Some sites seems like trustworthy but end up as a fraudulent site.
5. Rude Customer Care – Although many have improved, yet still a noticeable amount of sites have those rude customer after sale executives who are not ready to accept fault at their end or file a complaint.

Now I guess you must  familiar with the common problems of Indian shopping sites.Now let’s discuss some measure to avoid getting victimized by some bad Indian online shopping sites.

  1. Site Layout – Site should look decent with decent quality images of the product
  2. Cash On Delivery – Opts for this option if you shopping for the first time from a new site. This deducts the risk of money.
  3. Throw-away price  – If the deal looks like super cheap, for example a 100$ shoes for 20$ .
  4.  Search for Reviews – This point helps us in getting the customer’s experience with the site you inquiring about.  Don’t get upset if one or two reviews are bad, look for the reason that why have they given them bad review, they might be genuine problems or Consumer’s fault.

So, now if you have explored the new site, do tell us about what you like/disliked about it and what type of products you expecting from it  in comments! 🙂 





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  • Ankush

    Nice to see Amazon in India 🙂
    What i think is First and Foremost point of choice of shopping Site should be the REPUTATION .. and We all know Amazon goes Up high in reputation kinda thing as compared to rest all of the shopping sites in India.
    Gud Work Amaan.

    • Amaan

      Hi Ankush Bhai !

      I completely agree that expectations from a reputed online store like Amazon will be High, and online shoppers like us expect a face-lift in Indian Online shopping.

  • Sanyam Garg

    Ye Amaan BoT 😛

  • Thanks for the information, never knew ’bout this. Now I can trade with the people from different countries whom I used to deny all the “Amazon Gift Cards” they used to offer me! I’ll be waiting for Amazon updates so that they offer more items.

    Pros for me:
    1) Cheap Price (Gift cards and googling the coupons!)
    2) Cash on Delivery! 🙂
    3) #1 Store on most of the countries.

    1) Less items to offer right now.
    2) Can be fraudulent since it’s new right now. Will wait for TV Advertisements and some sponsors.

    Kudos mate and looking for more posts like this.

    • Amaan

      Hi Ayush
      I really don’t understand, how can Amazon be fraudulent ?, LOL

      And yes, they are adding up things.

      • Well, you never know. It is quiet popular in US and there are only 0.1% chance that it can be fraudulent there. But in India, it’s quiet new. Never seen any commercials or such so that we can have faith upon. You never know dude, it’s new right now. Let us give Amazon India some time to get settled. There are some things you need to understand 😉

        • Amaan

          Seriously, I am enjoying your out of the topic comments, LOL

  • Darshan

    At last a goo site !!

  • Glad to hear this news, especially after Flipkart has stopped delivering goods over 10000 in my state (Uttar Pradesh).