Who are we?

If you are on this page, it means either you are impressed by our content and want to know more about the authors. Or, you did not liked our articles at all and want to find out that who are those good for nothing writers that can’t write a piece a content properly. I sincerely  hope the reason is the former one.

About TechAnger

Started in 2012 with the aim to help our friends solve their day to day computer problems and also keep directory of new computer tweaks and tricks which we find every now and then.

We cover almost everything about computers ranging from Tech Tips, How TOs to DIY series. We thrive for perfection to make computing easier for you.

Why the name Techanger ?

After days of searching I could not find any good domain name. Even the bad ones were taken. I became frustrated and a bit angry as I wanted to start blogging as soon as possible. Then I found this name on wordroid. It’s a unique and brandable name so I decided to go with it . We started this blog in frustration due to our friend’s never ending technical questions about computers for same problem repeatedly. So we decided to make a blog and fill it up with all the technical knowledge that we have gained overs the years.


Meet the founders!


Amaan Rizwan

Hi, I am a person with  infinite thoughts and opinions about everything. Travelled to half of India and studied in over dozen schools in different part of India which allowed me to experience diversified culture of India. The food, culture, rituals ,geographical, spectrum of spoken languages and climate, ethnic varieties, etc. Experienced all of it before the age of 14.

My curiosity and interest in computers escalated when my father bought me a desktop computer way back in 2003 when I was 9 years old. Back then, it was the era of newly launched Intel Pentium IV processors and Windows XP was still new trying to get grip in the already established market of Windows 98. First came online with a 56kbps dial-up Internet when playing Pinball 3D and Virtual Cop became boring. Through that slow Internet, we siblings explored Internet as much as possible until we relocated to another part of the country where we got our hands on beam cable 2Mbps(later to 10Mbps) broadband and started downloading different Linux distros and gained more knowledge about computer softwares and hardware.

While I was living in Eastern India, I developed deep interest in football,  and played inter-city level football when I was in Kolkata from Deybia FC in under  age 17 slab. Later pulled out football due to frequent toe fractures which was affecting my schooling. Later moved to home town for finishing schooling from The Modern International School.

A big foodie, loves cooking contemporary style of food. Sarcasm lover and a humour preacher.
Amaan Rizwan

I am person of infinite thoughts and opinions about everything.

Connect with him on Google Plus at +AmaanRizwan and on Twitter @amaanthinks




Aamir Rizwan

I’m a normal guy who has a passion for coding and technology. Most of my time spent on experimenting new and interesting technologies. Now through TechAnger I’m sharing what I have learned over the years. I have more interest in coding and developing new softwares.

Likes perfection in everything, be it programming, articles of this blog, or gaming. Aamir Rizwan

An Avid book reader and currently working as a Java Web Application developer at Tata Consultancy Services.

Connect with him on Google Plus at +AamirRizwan