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10 Must Have Bookmarklets for Everyone

A bookmarklet is a great way of adding small “one click” functionality to web browsers. Bookmarklets make everyday small tasks easier. We have compiled a list of 10 must have bookmarklets for everyone. But before that here is a quick introduction.

Definition from Wikipedia:

A bookmarklet is a bookmark stored in a web browser that contains JavaScript commands to extend the browser’s functionality.

In simpler words a bookmarklet is a smart bookmark that contains JavaScript instead of URL to a web resource. This JavaScript can perform variety of tasks like searching the web for selected text or translating it.

Ques: What is the advantage of bookmarklet over browser ad-dons/extension?

Ans: At first look a bookmarklet appears a lot like browser extension but it has many advantages.

  1. It is passive piece of code and does not run n background or consume any memory like browser extension.
  2. Poorly coded extension can cause memory leak and can slow down or even crash your browser.

Ques: How to use bookmarklet ?

Ans: Just drag and drop the link to bookmark bar (Chrome & Firefox) or right click and select “Bookmark this link” (Firefox). See image below:


10 Must Have Bookmarklets for Everyone

1. Video downloader: This on of the most used bookmarklet. While watching a video click this bookmarklet and you will be presented with a list of options to download the video at various resolutions.


2. Readability: While surfing the web you must have encountered a website that has very small font to read or the contrast between text and background colour is is too low. Readability is service that formats such pages to beautiful text for reading. Readability bookmarklet does this in one click.



3. Search this site with Google: Often the integrated site search in many site is not good enough. In that case you can search the site using “ keyword”. But who would type all this when you have a bookmarklet. Click on the bookmarklet, type your search term and press Ok.


4. Gmail This: This bookmarklet works in 2 ways – If you select some text and then click it then a new gmail windows will open with the selected text in body. Otherwise if no text text is selected the URL of current page is used.

5. Show password: This is an old but useful one. It reveal the password in the current page hidden behind dots.


6. Print what you like: When printing something from web you don’t want to print everything. This service lets you remove unwanted parts of a web page and print what you like. This also helps in saving ink.

7. Translate to English: As the name suggest it will translate any page to English. If some text is selected on a page that text will be translated. For other languages goto this page.

8. URL shortener: It will shorten the URL of current page using Google’s service. Just press Ctrl + C to copy the shortened URL and Enter to close the message box.

9. Page zipper: If you have been using the web for sometime you must have encountered pages like “Top 100 movies of all time” or “Top 20 games of 2013”. The problem with these is that each item is listed on a separate page. Clicking next 100 times is very tiresome. To solve this problem Pagezipper automagically loads the next page as you scroll down. The next page attached to the bottom of the current page. You can also use these shortcuts:

Next: Ctrl

Previous:         Ctrl +

To test this bookmarklet visit this page.

10.Download as PDF: This bookmarklet will let you download current page as PDF. Nothing extraordinary but very handy specially  for those browsers that do not have this functionality.



Here we have listed only 10 bookmarklets. While this is not the complete list but we have listed the 10 most essential ones. What bookmarklets do you use everyday? We would like to hear from you in the comments.


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