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10 Free Software Download Sites

Download free software

Want to download free software or it’s free trials ?, but don’t get reliable site for it?,  Then keep reading because I’m going to tell you about some sites that I have came across in my entire internet experience from where I download known softwares as well as explore new softwares .

So let us start from my favorite tech softwares download side.


1. → Visit site HERE

A site that I came across around 6 years back.A well organized site with lots of freeware,trial and paid softwares.

Beside that, it has a user rating system to help good softwares go up and get better exposure !

2.   Visit site HERE







We can say this site as an database of softwares . Ranging from the oldest  to the latest version,you will find it at one place.

However,unlike MajorGeeks,they don’t allow users to upload their own softwares.   Visit site HERE








Yes,you guessed it right, it’s for MAC operating system users.All the open-source softwares for MAC at one place !

4.   Visit site HERE






You might be wondering, why I did not mention it before ? .Well because, it has become a bit annoying since they changed the domain to “” and made compulsory to download their downloaded to download  the files we want to. Still one of the oldest  and most visited software download site in the world.

5. Visit site HERE 







Without mentioning this site, the whole article would have been meaningless. Best platform for software develops as well as newbie programmers to learn software development, this website is a complete package of software downloads as well as development .

6.     Visit site HERE







An all-niche internet blog with subdomain category for software downloads.You can find all the necessary softwares here.

7.   Visit site HERE






Decent site with an option to submit user made software. . Click Here to visit the site   Visit site HERE






A great site with over half a million softwares and counting. Submitting a user made program/software is allowed too.   Visit site HERE






An active user community based software download site.   Visit site HERE








For all our readers who own an iphone,must try this site where you will find all the opensource(free) softwares for your phone !

So, the next time you think of downloading an application or software,do have a look at this list !
If i have missed any deserving site,then do not forget to mention about them 🙂
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